W is for warm, whimsical, and wild

alice’s april art challenge…

What do you do when the weather is unpredictable? You make art!!!

On the first of this month, I received a box in the mail with a few art supplies and 20 sheets of 4×7 inch (10.16×17.78 cm) hot press finish watercolor paper in a little block. A block is when the paper is attached on two sides. In a usual tablet, the paper is attached on one side. The art supplies included a brown brush pen, a bottle of blue liquid watercolor, and three Spectrum Noir Tricolour aqua markers. The markers are very vivid and they are great for illustration. A link to a video also came with the art supplies. I watched the video and played with my fun new toys for a while.

The day after I watched the video, I decided to explore what I could do with my new toys. So I made a picture of a former spice jar that I had painted with glass paint, and I was really happy with the vividness of the colors and the ease of using the markers. I decided to create a month-long challenge at that point. My goal was to create 20 little pictures with these art supplies, supplemented by a few others, by the end of the month. I was very excited about what I could do with color each day. The challenge to me was coming up with something different to create each day.

How could I not include bears? I have been painting portraits of stuffed bears for some time. In fact, the theme of my bedroom is bears. I have paintings of bears and a ceramic light switch cover that I glazed with (what else?) drawings of bears? I am the Bear Lady so I have a reputation to live up to!

Shapes and Cartoonie People for a Nuclear-Free Future

Since the comic strip character (Brim) that I created when I was nine years old, I had never returned to that theme. But, a few years ago, at an event celebrating International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, I made a few luminaria. The event is celebrated annually on or around August 9. Locally, it’s celebrated in and behind the Buffalo History museum. Behind the museum are the Japanese gardens and a beautiful manmade lake called Hoyt Lake. So the luminaria are made and floated in the water after darkness has fallen. I always struggled with a theme when I was trying to design a luminaria. But, that one year, I came up with the idea of “Cartoonie People for a Nuclear Free Future.” My new cartoon characters.

random images

Sometimes, I look for something that stretches me, such as this silhouette and this flower with a butterfly, known as a gulf fritillery.

I am a gnome! My creator’s sister says that I look like a cross between a garden gnome and Santa Claus!!!
With these, the goal is nonrepresentational art and abstraction, something that I’m just beginning to explore. I am trying to stretch my horizons and do lots of different things that I didn’t think I was capable of doing.

Well, that’s most of the images! One I can’t post online because it’s a freehand copy of a well-known cartoon character, and the copyright laws are unclear about posting such a picture. Because it’s freehand and it’s practice, it’s perfectly fine to make the drawing. But posting it on a website falls into some sort of gray area and, as I’m not an attorney, I’m not going there. I have one last sheet of this fun paper for another image.

The project has been so much fun. I’m really happy that I gave myself this challenge this month, especially since the combination of wacky weather and COVID-19 have kept me inside and unable to do all of the walks that I was hoping to do. Check out this website next month for my next art challenge, which will feature gouache paint. This is a completely new medium for me. It is an opaque, water-based pigment paint. So I am pretty excited about the upcoming adventure.

Check back tomorrow when I figure out what do do with the Infamous letter X!!!

7 thoughts on “W is for warm, whimsical, and wild”

  1. Thank you for sharing your art, Alice! I have been smiling the entire time I’ve been reading this blog. What a lovely thing to do, bring smiles to those who visit your page. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Alice, love the art and the designs. The colors are very vivid and I like the bear motif πŸ™‚ Look forward to seeing what the next adventure will be πŸ™‚ Happy painting.

  3. Alice, I lived back East until I was about 24, and I remember a lot of grey days. So the vivid colors of your project stand in contrast to the greyness of the environment. I love what you’re doing! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the gouache! Blessings to you–

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