Victorian Tea at River Lea

The Grand Island Historical Society presented a Victorian Tea at River Lea on April 20, followed by a program and a tour of the house. The tea was quite delightful, featuring traditional afternoon foods and a cup of delicious tea. The tea was called “Maisie’s Tea,” and it was a blend of tea created by one of the members of the Historical Society. I enjoyed it so much that I consumed three cups of it within a short period of time. All of that wonderful food was followed by a delicious dessert. As you can see from the pictures here, the main course and dessert were attractive enough to photograph. Ladies dressed in crisp white aprons served our food and our tea. We were all seated at round tables and had a chance to chat before the program, “A History of Hats,” presented by Maggie Gushue, began. My friend Jinni Kelley and I came together to the tea party. Jinni was quite delighted to have another water color painter sitting next to her. After the entire event was over, Jinni went outside and painted a scene in Beaver Island State Park, which is where River Lea is located. It is a beautiful spot, right on the Niagara River. Jinni and I agreed that we would come back to Beaver Island State Park to do some painting, as there is much to paint at the park, from River Lea to the boardwalk at the beach.

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