Under an impenetrable sky

Beaver Island State Park on a cloudy day

Sometimes, on a cloudy day, you can smell the rain that hasn’t come yet. You can feel the heavy dampness in the air. And it feels okay to stay inside and do some creative project that you’ve been working on for a while or one that you let go of because you were just too busy to keep up with it. Today was one of those days when my world was stuck underneath that impenetrable sky. The creative project that I’ve been working on in April is the series of 20 pictures in blendable marker, liquid watercolor, and regular markers. It’s been such a fun and colorful adventure. Blendable markers are a completely new medium for me. In the process of creating this series (today, I made picture number 17), I discovered how much I love this medium. It is user friendly, like a marker while giving a watercolor effect. I am looking forward to doing more with this medium and making a bigger collection of colors, especially blues and purples. The other new-to-me medium is liquid watercolor. So much fun and so easy to use.

Back in January 2013, I did a monthlong series of paintings of stuffed bears. It was at the time that my mother was writing a novel which, unfortunately, she never completed. It was a good time for both of us. Every day, we prepared our spot at the dining room table for our creative projects. We took breaks to have tea together and we were both very productive every day. This painting was loosely based on a photograph that I took of a stuffed bear on a boat that I got to ride on in Buffalo one sunny day. It was truly a fun boat ride. This painting was done in watercolor, with a small amount of Sharpie for the details.
Nine years later, I’m doing my challenge by myself. I miss my mother, who passed away in 2020 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. I think that she would have loved this project that is based on artistic medium, instead of subject matter. She was very supportive of my artwork. So I dedicate this month’s project to my mother, Roslyn Gerard. In this picture, I missed the big ears, but many stuffed bears do have little ears stuck on the top of their heads, so it’s okay. This one is a mixed media painting, with blendable markers, liquid watercolor, watercolor paint, Sharpies, and white gel pen.

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The sky is impenetrable but, underneath that sky, there is plenty of room for imagination and creativity. What will be my creative choice for the letter V? Well, it’s [redacted]. I hope you like my choice! See you tomorrow!!!

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  1. I’m sorry your mom didn’t get to finish her novel. I lost my mom to Alzheimer’s also, such a cruel disease for the patient and those love ones. I remember your bears throughout the years and love them all. Now Liagets to enjoy your beautiful artwork too! Keep painting, your mom is watching you from above.

  2. I like how you explore mediums of coloring and the teddy bear.This Monty and infact for the last few months I am painting loose watercolour flowers .They make je happy and my daughter too paints along with me.Thank you fir sharing your story Alice.

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