U is for useless things

 There are these memes on Facebook that I keep seeing, but I don’t share. They have these messages about what is useful and what isn’t. Or who is useful and who is just fluff, such as “We need truck drivers, but we don’t need politicians and movie stars.” It does seem to be unkind to relegate human beings to the useless pile, but what can I say? Maybe it’s better to stick to relegating things to the useless pile, rather than people? Plus, it’s fun to make memes about things that are useless. (why should I share memes when I can make my own?)

Well, that’s a meme. I would say that invasive tree species could probably be relegated to the useless pile. That is, if we are judging things as useful or useless. 

Speaking about useless stuff, there’s litter. Saturday was cleanup day. Lots of litter was removed. It was good. 

Hey, wait. Who added this meme? Lucy! What the heck! It looks like we’re back to the relegating living beings to the useless pile. I may as well quit while I’m behind!

4 thoughts on “U is for useless things”

  1. Great illustrations for what are "useless" and need to stop! Thank you for including invasive plant species. I have had people tell me that "they" will control that little ivy plant, or the butterfly bush. No, they won't. They won't be able to, which is why they are called "invasive!"
    Litter, literal trash and too many kittens. Stop both!

    I will speak in defense of the need for both politicians an movie stars! I want my politicians to be politicians, I want them to be "career" politicians. They know the business and have the diplomacy to work with others. Look what happens when a non-politician runs things! Movie stars? Life is tough, we NEED some way to de-stress, some entertainment to take us out of real life for even two hours.

    Cats vs dogs? I have 3/1 cats winning by default (the default being two moved in as strays). Dogs may drool, but those cats do have that litter box! I wish the neighbor cats did, but one owner says litter boxes are "icky." Yeah, they are, but so is gardening with his cats' "buried treasures."

  2. Some people seem to feel better by putting others down.

    While many memes are somewhat useless, I do admire the creativity of some meme makers.

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