The Monday morning coffee chat

Today’s blogging challenge was: “If you were sitting on your front porch (cold!) or in a coffee shop (warmer!) with one of your readers, what would you talk about?” 

In the morning, the topic of discussion would probably be food. This is the question that we could each answer:

If you owned a bed and breakfast, what would you like to prepare for your guests for breakfast?

I will go first!

I would make an omelet and a smoothie. Then I would describe how I would prepare the food. Because this is a blog, I can share an illustrated guide to a yummy breakfast that I would prepare for guests at my (imaginary) bed and breakfast.

Making a smoothie is a great way to use up fruit that is too soft for a fruit salad. When you cut up the fruit, it’s OK to cut them up into large chunks because they are going to be turned into liquid by the food processor.

And, as a side note, I love my food processor. I bought it at a garage sale for three dollars, and it has served me well. I definitely recommend having a food processor. I also recommend shopping at garage sales. But, anyway, I digress (my hobby).

For this smoothie, I used strawberries and a peach. I chopped them into large chunks and then pureed them in the food processor.

Once the fruit is pureed, I add plain Greek yogurt and a cup of apple cider.

The smoothie is finished…

… and it is ready to drink!

To prepare the omelets, I grate extra sharp cheddar cheese, some white and some orange.

Then I chop some garlic. I purchased this lovely garlic from a local farmer.

This is a big, beautiful, very flavorful locally grown garlic. I was told to store the garlic in a paper bag at room temperature. It was explained that I should not put the garlic in the refrigerator because the garlic could get moldy in a damp environment.

The eggs were also purchased from a person who lives nearby and who has a whole bunch of chickens that enjoy roaming the front yard, the back yard, and the entire grounds of the farm. The chickens are not shy and will walk right up to you and “introduce themselves.” From this farm, I get these lovely brown eggs.

I use just one egg for my omelet to get a more crepe-like effect.

I made two omelets at the same time. This is my mom’s omelet. She likes to have her omelet made with liquid egg whites. They come in a container like a milk container. They are good only for cooking, not for baking because they are pasteurized. If you want to bake something that calls for egg whites, you need to separate eggs. 

This is my omelet, made with one whole egg. Here are some interesting facts about eggs:

  • eggs from free range chickens have three to four times the amount of vitamin D as eggs from chickens kept indoors
  • the yellow color of egg yolks comes from antioxidants
  • egg whites are full of protein
  • some of the nutrients in an egg include vitamin B12, vitamin B5, phosphorus, vitamin A, and more

My mom’s omelet is ready for her!

An omelet and toast, as well as the smoothie, make a delicious breakfast.

Your turn!!! If you had a bed and breakfast, what would you serve for breakfast? Tell me in the comments section, and I will share them in a future blog post.

5 thoughts on “The Monday morning coffee chat”

  1. Having stayed at B&B's several times (a special treat, and probably one we won't enjoy for a while) I can say there are soe very creative cooks out there. Your guests (and I) would enjoy that farm fresh omelet. Could tell by the yolk that it was a quality egg as I used to own chickens.

  2. Okay, what time is breakfast, I'm on my way! If I had a B&B, my breakfast would be similar. I love making omelets, I mix eggs, chopped onions, ham or bacon and a shredded cheese all together. Just before it's finished cooking, I add a boat load of cheese to the top and let it melt. Since you served a smoothie, I'll serve a nice cup of hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream!

  3. Life of a Busy Mommy

    MMM yours sounds great! Mine would be french toast, bacon & eggs over medium cooked in the bacon grease! With a big ole glass of OJ!!! That is my favorite breakfast! A good ole southern country breakfast!

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