The illustrated guide to folding fitted sheets

It’s laundry day, and you’ve washed your sheets. You want to fold them and put them away but — oh! — those darned fitted sheets! Do you ever find that you are wadding them up in a ball and tossing them in the closet? Out of sight, out of mind? When you need them, you look frantically for them before you realize that you hid them in the closet. You reach into the closet and come out with a wadded up mess — wrinkled and just plain yucky. Then you put them in the laundry again, and the cycle repeats itself endlessly.

You’ve reached the point at which you don’t want to deal with wrinkly wadded up sheets anymore. What do you do? You could force one of the kids to do it with a threat (if you don’t fold up the sheets and make them look nice, you’re not getting dessert) or with a bribe (you’ll get extra chocolate for folding the sheets well). Actually, folding fitted sheets isn’t that hard.  So what I did was to take pictures of each step of the project. Here are the steps to folding fitted sheets:

The first thing that you’re going to do is to pick up the sheet and hold the printed side toward you. Put two corners together. They should be lengthwise, not width wise. 

Here are the corners put together.

Then repeat with the other two corners. Here, you have all four corners put together. Your sheet will look like this. You’ll be able to see all four corners fitted together and on one side.

Fold over once, lengthwise.

Then fold the sheet in thirds, as if you were folding an envelope.


Here are your sheets (folded and flat) and pillowcases, ready to be put away, as opposed to hidden.

As for the rest of your laundry…

4 thoughts on “The illustrated guide to folding fitted sheets”


    I would only modify the instructions to have the label side in, because some of us use solid sheets that have the same color on both sides.

  2. I always stuff the fitted and flat sheets (and one of the pillowcases, if there are two) inside the matching pillowcase, so I can just grab a set without hunting the bits up.

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