The Grand Island Garden Walk

On Sunday, July 10th, my friend Amy and I went to explore Grand Island’s gardens. Grand Island’s three garden clubs (Bridgeview, Cinderella Isle, and East Park) organized the garden walk. Maps were given out near Town Hall, and people could visit the gardens that were listed as being open to the public. The gardeners were on hand at each garden to show their collections of plants and their creative touches that made each garden unique. It was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon, not to mention a great opportunity for photography.

Below are some of the photographs that I took on the Garden Walk, with a few cinquains.
brimming with life
safe place for bee dances
a colorful oasis of joy

beautiful day
for exploring gardens
and spending time with treasured friends

Old stuff
broken-down beds
wagons that stopped rolling
cracked pottery, and old stained plates
new life


gray, green, and blue
reflections of the sky,
sometimes bright blue, sometimes dark clouds

A backyard pond
maybe filled with goldfish
maybe a restful place for frogs
joy filled.

2 thoughts on “The Grand Island Garden Walk”

  1. Those flower pics are breathtaking!! I am, unfortunately, allergic to flowers, but I love seeing them in pictures. And it sounds like it was a neat way to spend an afternoon.

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