The fifty-two week photography project: still life with bear

The challenge for week nine was still life (artistic). In each picture, there is a bear, who has a story to tell or, at least, a comment to make.

I wanted tea but these sea creatures invaded my cup.

I’m making sure that the cats behave when the birds visit this bird house.

I really need to condition my hair but how do I choose among all of this?

Shopping at the rummage sale is super fun.

I drank everything up and it tasted great! 

Look at my new girlfriend? Where’s the music? I want the music!

Come again and visit. Come early and often, just as if you were voting!

3 thoughts on “The fifty-two week photography project: still life with bear”

  1. peppylady (Dora)

    I wish I didn't have issue with my computer right now. I would post some photo over at my blog.
    Did you crochet the pillow cover?
    Coffee is on

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