The faces of Grand Island’s Independence Day parade

Cowboy means business.

Today, I went to Grand Island’s Independence Day Parade. It is one of Grand Island’s biggest events of the year.

Spiderman’s dance moves.

I went to walk with the group from Saint Martin in the Fields Episcopal Church and to take pictures. I was hoping to capture a slice of life, to see people at their happiest and creative best.

Trump contemplates
his newer, gentler

I saw dancers, baton twirlers, karatekas (I just looked up that word and found that it means people who practice karate), farmers, horseback riders, Spiderman, cowboys, villains, a damsel in distress, rock stars, political office seekers, “Bernie Sanders,” and the “Gentle Trump.”

Grand Island Dance Center
dancers with pompoms.

It was all about fun and tacky flag inspired clothing and kids collecting more candy than they do on Halloween.

KISS came, too! What parade is complete without a few
rock stars?

Here are some of the faces of the Independence Day Parade 2017.

Amy is ready for the parade to start.
“Unhand her, you dastardly villain!”

Bernie Tolbert, candidate for Erie County Sheriff, with his wife.

Father Earle King of St. Martin’s with Town Supervisor Nate McMurray.

Relaxing on a float.

Horse and human wait for the parade to start.

A bicycle built for… three???

Father Earle and Jazzlyn… upstaged by the dog???

The town supervisor rides the cool car.

Bernie and the new, improved, and gentle Donald Trump.

Spiderman is on a mission.

Fun little vehicle on a summer day.

It’s St. Martin’s chicken! So… why did the chicken cross the road?

A group of baton twirlers.
The karate crew!
Many people are out, enjoying the beautiful weather and the fun of the parade.

3 thoughts on “The faces of Grand Island’s Independence Day parade”

  1. Fun post. Love all the pictures. Made me feel like I had the experience of the parade first hand.

  2. What a fun time that looks like! You have some awesome photos. Good seeing you again in the challenge.

  3. Hi Alice,
    Thanks for all of the pictures. I love a parade. It can be a lot of work after the parade to select the best photos for the blog. "You did good girl."
    I chose a July 1 Canada Day parade for the topic of my first post in this challenge.
    blog on.

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