the buildings of allegany state park: #wordlesswednesday

 The buildings at Allegany State Park are gorgeous. They include numerous cabins that can be rented year round, an administration building (Tudor style), and a variety of stone structures. Some are partial structures, such as the structures that once held animals, while others are nearly complete. The stone structures that I saw are no longer used for anything but sightseeing.

6 thoughts on “the buildings of allegany state park: #wordlesswednesday”

  1. Julie Jordan Scott

    Stone buildings and history – among my favorites. I really love the tower and it looks like an abandoned or no longer building with it foundation? Thanks for bringing us along on your adventure! Such a treasure!

  2. Kebba Buckley Button

    Alice, thank you so much for these images! You are so right that the buildings are gorgeous. Such historic energy– I can imagine what building stood on those foundations and how the other buildings were used. Your photos are so evocative that I can smell the sweet leaves in the crisp Fall air.

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