The Buffalo garden walk

According to the Buffalo Garden Walk website (, Buffalo’s garden walk, which was held this weekend, is the largest garden walks in the United States. It features hundreds of gardeners who open their gardens to the self-guided tour. There are many types of gardens to see on this tour and not enough time to see all of them. There were gardens full of native plants, whimsical gardens, very artistic gardens, gardens in very tiny spaces, and so much more. In short, there was truly something for everyone.

This year, I went to the garden walk with my sister, Diane. We walked through part of the west side of Buffalo, exploring gardens and streets. It was a lovely day. For the most part, it was sunny, but, in the afternoon, the clouds covered the sun, and, just as we were ready to get on the bus back to Grand Island, it started to rain lightly. There was no downpour, as there was yesterday, which was good.

In addition to the tours of the gardens, we also got a tour of the Unitarian-Universalist church in Buffalo. It’s a beautiful church, built in the early twentieth century. Its designer was a well known Buffalo architect, Edward Austin Kent. The land for the church, then the First Unitarian Church of Buffalo (before the Unitarians and the Universalists merged), was donated to the church by John J. Albright, who also built the Albright-Knox Art Gallery (now recently re-opened and known as the AKG). Unfortunately, Mr. Kent died in the famous Titanic disaster in 1912. He helped many women and children get into lifeboats to take them to safety. Unconcerned about his own safety, he drowned as a result of the disaster. After his body was recovered, he was buried in Buffalo’s Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Below are some pictures of this year’s Buffalo Garden Walk:

There were many window boxes on our journey, and the multi-level gardens were so interesting to see.

my sister Diane enjoys the Garden Walk

In this garden, there were cat sculptures, as well as a very relaxed cat, who enjoyed attention from visitors.

I hope that you enjoyed the images from Buffalo’s Garden Walk 2023. On Wednesday, I will share more images from the Garden Walk. Diane and I had a really good time exploring the gardens and we are looking forward to going to next year’s event!

11 thoughts on “The Buffalo garden walk”

  1. I loved the pictures!! My favorites were the house with orange shutters and the bright flowers that had bits of orange in them. But they were all beautiful! Thanks for sharing them and your experience. I’m glad you got to hang out with your sister.

  2. Alice, what a beautiful garden walk event! I had no idea parts of Buffalo were so artsy. Thank you so much for the images, and I look forward to what you may post tomorrow! Congratulations on completing the UBC again!

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