The bucket list: why not do it?

 About a week ago, I wrote about joining a FaceBook group that is dedicated to self portraits. You can post only once a week with the self portrait that you made that week. I’ve actually managed to do one self portrait per week. As I write, my fourth self-portrait is almost done.

So, today’s blogging prompt, which is to talk about something on my bucket list, made me think about those self portraits. Because that something that is on my bucket list is to write a book about the wild adventure that my life became, rather accidentally. And I started thinking about incorporating the self portraits into that bucket list book. Then I wondered. All of those pictures of me by me. Would that seem too egotistical?

It wouldn’t be as egotistical as a series of self-portrait billboards.

All right. That would just be funny. First of all, it’s not cheap to rent a billboard. Renting a whole series of billboards and plastering your self portrait on every last one one them would be wacky. Especially if there’s no advertisement to go with them. Just the same face, over and over again. 

Nah, I’m not going to do that. Even if I could afford to do that, it’s not happening. 

So the book. A kind of memoir, with words and pictures. Yes, with self portraits interspersed among the stories. The self portraits tell stories without words. The format of the memoir could be a book version of a visual journal. That is how I’m seeing it right now. It could end up by being some sort of exercise. Still, why not do it? In life, there are never any guarantees of success. Getting stuff published isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Maybe I should just start, one self portrait at a time. One essay at a time.

3 thoughts on “The bucket list: why not do it?”

  1. Actually, with Amazon, it's easy to be published. I have quite a few books on Amazon! I think it's a great idea to write your memoir, Alice. And once it is about to be published, you can do one billboard. 🙂

  2. I LOVE your self portraits and what a great idea to write a book and add them amongst your life stories. Go for it then I'll look for your billboard! Awesome bucket list idea!

  3. I love the thought of a self illustrated memoir. Yes, there are people out there that could give you suggestions on how to go about self publishing it (I, alas, am not one of them). Then you could walk across the United States, once COVID is under control, and promote it. Maybe even put up a billboard or two. Why not? Dreams can come true!

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