The 52-week photography project: a soft story

The challenge for week 21 of the 52-week photography project was the word “soft.” A few weeks ago, I was challenged to come up with a representation of the word “hard.” I chose to use the theme of the cemetery to depict “hard.” For the word “soft,” I will depict images that represent the softness of newness. Here are some of those images:

The softness created by nature is the thing that makes spring my favorite season. The flowers, the baby leaves, and even the stems of the plants are soft and delicate. After the season of hard shadows on frigid snow, the season of softness comes with pastel colors and the promise of warmer, brighter days. Here are some of the images of the past week.

The softness created by humans delights little kids and it gives us a sense of security and of home. We have stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, and soft pajamas. With our softness, we can sleep a little easier and a little more comfortably, feeling secure and loved. The day is over. We have come full circle. We fall asleep, hoping, in the new day that is to come, for people to experience more of the softness of the world and less of the hard things of the jagged, painful world that some call “reality.”

Next week: Come back to see the theme for week 22 of the 52-week photography project.

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