The 52-week photography project: sky overlay

The theme for week twenty of the fifty-two week photography project is sky overlay. It is a photo editing project, and the purpose was to replace the sky in the photograph with a different sky. I decided to go for the dramatic approach in choosing the sky.

This was not an easy project for the Photoshop newbie. Fortunately, I was able to find an on line tutorial that was simple enough for me to understand. I downloaded a picture of a sky from that was under “creative commons licensing.” Once I was able to get past the frustration of leaping far from my comfort zone, I was able to see this project as actually a fun activity.

Here is the original photograph. The sky is OK but it’s not at all dramatic:

This is the photograph with the sky replaced. It is bright and very dramatic and quite colorful.  I would call it a “fun sky.”

Next week: Stay tuned for the next installment of the 52-week photography project.

2 thoughts on “The 52-week photography project: sky overlay”

  1. Wow – sky on fire! I have to admit, Alice, a lot of mixed feeling about "photoshopping". I crop photos all the time, but (I have PS Express and Snapseed on my iPhone) I try not to do much more than adjust exposure, make into collages, or,occasionally, turn color into B&W. I have a long way to go with photo editing and I use about 1% of these app's capabilties. It can be a fun thing (although I haven't tried the filters on Instagram yet) but I also see a lot of colors that don't show up that much in nature! Kudos for sticking with the challenge.


    Now, you are equipped to work for the KGB (and maybe for the Donald- to fix those photos of the inauguration)!

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