The 52-week photography project: L is for landscape

I’m a little bit behind in my 52-week photography project, which is OK because it’s not a contest. If it were a tortoise vs. hare contest, I would be the hare because I took a tea break while the tortoise just kept plodding onward to victory. 

But I digress. It’s a good thing that I got a little delayed because I needed an “L” word today. That “L” word is “Landscape.” The suggestion is that “most landscapes are wide, sweeping images. Try an alternative and zoom in instead. 

A goose debates whether to take a
swim. Eventually, the goose did
dive into the water.

On Monday, I took a walk along the Niagara River so that I could take pictures. It was a warm day and the crocuses and the daffodils were blooming.

Docks along the river

People were out walking, working in their yards, riding their bicycles, or sitting on their porches. The ground was very wet because of the rain that had fallen hard and seemingly nonstop for several days. The creeks had overflowed their banks and the ditches looked like creeks. In other words, it is finally the glorious spring that I had been awaiting. The color is coming back into my world and that is pure delight.

How has the change of seasons been for you? Let me know in the comments section.

Heavy rain created a creek
where none previously existed.

7 thoughts on “The 52-week photography project: L is for landscape”

  1. Happy upstate New York dance. A week ago, much of our local park was flooded. Now, spring is everywhere. In fact, my crocuses are done! Tomorrow will be a wonderful Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. And, Binghamton even won the Golden Snowball – by 1/10 of an inch!

  2. I'm running behind too!!! I love taking photos of my travels too. Some lovely shots. Autumn is upon us in Australia, but here we are still having near summer weather. Actually beautiful weather.

  3. Love your blog ALice!
    You visited my blog and I had to come over and say HI! Nice to meet you!

    I sub so I don't miss anything! I look forward to getting to know you!
    Happy Easter!

  4. Wow, pretty. We don't really have seasons in southern California, although we've gotten warmer. And less wet. Happy spring.

  5. Enjoying your 52 week photo journey Alice.. and hope to draw inspiration from your photos to go out and take more of my own

  6. I love landscape and nature photography, but just don't make the time to go out as often I'd like.

    Your pictures are lovely … and I'm curious: Is this your own 52 week challenge, or are you a part of a group? I'd love more information, if possible.

  7. Looks like a beautiful place to walk. Living in the mountain desert of Albuquerque, the seasons are often unpredictable. It's warm now, most days up to 72 degrees.

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