The 52-week photography project: springtime images of Grand Island and Buffalo

The theme for week number sixteen of the 52-week photography project is “leading lines.” This is considered to be a “storytelling” theme.

“Leading lines” attract attention by literally leading your eye through a photograph. The line could be straight or somewhat curved but you will look at that line to guide you to an interesting point in the photograph. Many things can be depicted as showing leading lines, including a row of buildings, a shoreline, a road, railroad tracks, tree branches, and more. For this challenge, it was specifically mentioned that participants take pictures of anything but railroad tracks. 

Here are a series of “leading line” photographs, taken at various times in Grand Island and in Buffalo. 

Split rail fence
This is a type of fence that is made with timber logs that have been split lengthwise into rails.

The fence is used either for decorative or for agricultural uses. (Grand Island images)

East River Road, Grand Island
Here are some images of roads, both in Grand Island and in Buffalo.

Allen Street, Buffalo

In Grand Island, the shoreline images are of the Niagara River, and, in Buffalo, the shoreline images are Mirror Lake behind the Buffalo History Museum.

The near shoreline is Grand
Island and the far shoreline
is Tonawanda.

Mirror Lake is part of Delaware Park, designed in in 1868 by Frederick Law Olmsted, who had previously designed Central Park in New York City.

This is a view of the Mirror Lake
shoreline as seen from the vantage
point of a rowboat in the lake.

The system of parks that Mr. Olmsted designed for Buffalo was the first urban parks system designed in the United States.

Inside and outside steps, in both Buffalo and Grand Island.

A set of steps near the river.

This includes a few steps and longer staircases.

Staircase in River Lea, in
Beaver Island State Park.
River Lea is the head-
quarters of the
Grand Island Historical

East River Road, Grand Island

Staircase in the Buffalo History Museum.

A few miscellaneous images
Here are a few more, explained in the captions.

ditch at Stony Point Road,
Grand Island

flooded wetland near Huth Road, Grand
Island, looking very much like a small
body of water.

This is the side of the Buffalo History
Museum that faces Mirror Lake and the
Japanese Garden.
cherry blossoms.

Next week: Stay tuned for the next theme in the 52-week photography project.

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  1. loved the leading lines you photographed.. and cool fact about the first urban parks in the US.. 🙂

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