The 366-day photography project: halfway through!

I started my 366-day photography project on a radiant summer day. I celebrated this new project by spending the day at Buckhorn Island State Park. Back on August 1st, this is what the park looked like. It was green and alive. The waters were warm and inviting.
There was so much color! 
The bees were busy and the park was full of the many species of birds that either stay year round or visit during their migrations. 

And here we are, six months later. All is quiet and dormant.

The naked trees all point to the blue sky.

This is Jay Burney. He came to Riverside-Salem to tell us about how to make our natural environments better by restoring the native plants and rehabilitating the habitats that were destroyed by industry and other human-made disasters.

On Monday, I got ready to take another trip to Buckhorn Island State Park, nearly six months after the trip that launched my year-long photography project. It was a relatively warm winter day. The sun was shining brightly, and there was no wind. 

As I headed to the park, I took pictures of the birds on the electrical wires. These birds fly in large groups and adjust to the world of the humans by using electrical wires as perches.

I enter Buckhorn Island State Park. It is white and silent. There is something magical about the whiteness and the silence of winter.

The ice forms and hits the water. There is a frozen film covering the water closest to the shoreline.

The bears sit on the snow near the marsh.

This is the point closest to Niagara Falls. The water is still open. 

This was the view from under the stone bridge in August. The cattails are vividly green, as is the vegetation in the river.

This is the distant view of Niagara Falls, as seen in winter.

Here are the frozen wetlands.

Monday’s sunset was radiant.
On Monday evening, the library hosted a meet and greet for Patricia Covley, the new library director.

People enjoy the event. The book sale room was open, and refreshments were served.

On Tuesday, I went to the hairdresser. It was time for a haircut. I looked like shrubbery in need of pruning!

The beauty parlor is still decorated for Christmas, even though it is now time to decorate for Valentine’s Day!

This is the post-pruning me, with a bear. Maybe I should figure out how to crochet a new sweater for the bear. The bear is still decorated for Christmas, too!

On Wednesday, I went to take pictures of Glenn Colton’s “character building” show at Huth Road Elementary School.

It was a very entertaining form of character building.

Glenn Colton was funny and punny. He said that, if you crossed a Western TV show with Star Wars, Luke Skywalker would be told: “May the Horse be with you.”
The show was very interactive. The kids were engaged and involved.

They were clearly enjoying themselves, while hearing about the benefits of friendship, healthy nutrition, literature, and more.

Amazingly enough, many of the kids have fond memories of the 1970s.

The performances were also fun for the teachers. No one wanted them to end… but, alas, all good things come to an end (I didn’t invent that).
The teachers enjoy this message.

Snow is good for making pictures with your feet.

Delicious, juicy oranges came in the mail, thanks to my nephew and niece-in-law, Devin and Chrisha.

On Friday, the PTA treated the staff at Huth Road Elementary School to a special luncheon.

The teachers enjoyed food and games and they won prizes.

They had a good time.

Happy therapy dog.

Would you believe that these are pens? 

3 thoughts on “The 366-day photography project: halfway through!”

  1. I love the pictures of the bears! You have quite an array of beautiful photos! Congrats on being half way through your project.

  2. Thank you, Martha! I am thrilled with being halfway through the project. It has been an amazingly good experience. I am happy to have found out about the whole 366-day project concept.

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