Ten random things about me

 Today’s blogging prompt was to make a list. Various ideas were suggested, and one of them was “ten random things about me.” So here goes. Ten random things about Alice, in no particular order!

–Alice loves sunflowers. Madly. She has painted portraits of many sunflowers and she has all sorts of stuff with a sunflower theme.

–Alice has won ribbons in the Erie County fair for drawings and for crocheted afghans.

–Alice’s favorite colors are purple and turquoise.

–Alice can cackle like the Wicked Witch of the West and can do a fairly convincing rendition of, “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too,” as well as, “In half an hour, those slippers will be mine! All mine!” and “I’m melting! You’ve destroyed all my beautiful wickedness!”

–Alice has made two attempts to write a novel. Maybe the third attempt will be the successful one?

–Alice’s favorite superhero is Batman, with Spiderman close behind in second place. Batman wins because he drives the famous Batmobile, which is an odd thing because bats fly; they don’t drive.

–Alice’s most ticklish spots are (redacted), (redacted), and (very, very redacted).

–Alice has been in the chorus in three operas performed in Shea’s Buffalo and she says that opera is a better participation sport than spectator sport. She said that she got to run around the stage while singing at the top of her lungs and she even got to belt out a high C while on her knees (not something that anyone should want to hear her do by herself).

–Alice enjoys folding fitted sheets!

–Alice admits to liking pizza with pinepples! “Okay,” she admits. “I may not have good taste, but it sure tastes good:.”

4 thoughts on “Ten random things about me”

  1. In true New Yorker style, I say to you, "get outta here," with the fitted sheets! 😉 Who in the world can find a way to enjoy that impossible task? The only way I will believe you is if you have discovered some kind of magical folding secret that you are keeping to yourself. Maybe Batman told you while you on your knees, singing the high C. If that's true, hide it somewhere in your next novel.

  2. Hey Alice, purple is my favorite color too. By the way, when I grow up, I want to find the place called "redacted"! 😁

  3. Team Mommies PR Bloggers

    If my daughter was here she would say Pineapple on Pizza was good. As for cackling like a With I would like to hear it as its my favorite movie. I am Glenda the Good Witch but if you asked my family they would say I am not so good.. But what do they know?

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