Summertime… and the blogging is fun!

Today, I am starting the July edition of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge. This blogging challenge is held quarterly, and the goal of the challenge is to share one blog post per day for the entire month.

This month, I plan on talking about gardening, delicious foods that I make from goodies purchased at the farmers market, walking trips, and outdoor painting adventures, and so much more. I plan on sharing photographs, stories, and artwork. 

The theme of my most recent blogging challenge, which was in April, was all about spring unfolding. Did I jinx the weather??? During that time period, the weather refused to cooperate with my theme.

We started off with snow and ended up with monsoon season.  I had to scramble to find something to write about because those hoped-for floral photographs were not happening.

Cameras generally don’t like rain, and they especially dislike monsoons. Well, the flowers finally came, mostly in May and June. And now, it is summer. The flowers did finally show up and my world is now full of vivid colors.

So… come and visit every day, and I promise you something colorful or fun or adventurous… or maybe, all of those!

5 thoughts on “Summertime… and the blogging is fun!”

  1. the weather was definitely playing with us in California too.. and i know the plants were all confused.. but the photos you have on todays post are blooming wonderfully ..

  2. Hi Alice, I love that you picked a theme for your July blog challenge. That is awesome. That gives me some ideas on how to tackle this as well. Love the photos of your flowers. So awesome. Can't wait to read more.

  3. Glad to see you back in the challenge again Alice! I love seeing your photos and can't wait to read more about your garden.

  4. Thanks for sharing your world's vivid color's with us, and in such beautiful ways! Good to see you back for the challenge.

  5. I particularly enjoyed your chicory flower. So blue – there are few true blue flowers in the flower world and this one is called a weed!

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