Retrospective of 2016: alice’s art gallery

Retrospective of 2016: Today is part two of a three-part retrospective of 2016. Today’s theme is art work. I’ve also included craft projects. Here is my 2016 art gallery. I’ve really appreciated the support that so many people have shown for my art, and I hope that you like this gallery.
This was a “negative space” painting. I drew one image at a time and painted around them to get this image. The biggest, most prominent flower stands out with this painting technique.

Here is another negative space painting that I did, with snow humans in the woods on a very wintry day.
posies, kind of a fantasy in the winter


Love birds and valentines
This was a recipe box that I painted.

It is a wooden box and I painted the design with acrylic paint.

Here is the back of the box.

Inside the box is just a solid purple.
Another view of the box.


The goal that I had in doing this painting was to paint white flowers and give them a bit of shadow so that they would look somewhat real.

I designed this sketchbook cover from color copies of a few paintings that I had made.
Saint Patrick’s Day tea 
the old Saint Stephens church (still used, sometimes)

frog enjoys lily pad

afghan that I made for a friend, from scrap yarn

close-up view of the afghan

watering the garden


Images of Stella Niagara (incomplete)
July and August
On July 1st, I went to a painting class that was held in Beaver Island State Park, at the Grand Island Historical Society’s headquarters and museum (River Lea). The instructor was Terry Klaaren, who has painted murals in Grand Island. The class was sponsored by the Grand Island Historical Society. It was a “plein air” class, which means that we painted outside. This was the painting that I made of the Niagara River scene. The medium is acrylic paint on canvas board.

acrylic paint on a rock

glass paint on jars.

this is another painting that I did in acrylic on canvas board.

These are some more rocks that I painted.
Roses, with a dreamy background

apples on a branch

Juggling on an autumn day

a collection of leaves

cornucopia with good stuff

Snow human enjoys the storm

design with poinsettias

pottery painting fun: plate and cup

The glaze is nontoxic and food grade so this is very usable art!

Tomorrow:  Part three of the retrospective: people.

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