Restaurant review!!! Delicious Thai food!

Today, I went to the My Thai restaurant in Niagara Falls, New York, to enjoy lunch with Jean L. and Lee T. All three of us were ready for a culinary adventure, and we were excited about trying a new restaurant.

The restaurant is located on a busy street in the City of Niagara Falls. Parking is behind the restaurant, in a lot shared with a motel. Once you go inside the restaurant, you are entering a peaceful oasis in the middle of busy-ness.
This is just one of the Buddha statues in the restaurant.

Here is another Buddha statue. Each Buddha statue has a different meaning. I just checked out Himalaya Crafts and found out that Buddhism started in India and traveled east through Asia. It is a dominant faith in many Asian countries, including Japan, Nepal, Tibet, and Thailand. According to that website, the practice of Buddhism involves mental discipline and the ability of a person to follow the right fold path. That is the way to achieve nirvana or enlightenment. The right fold path involves:

  • right view
  • right action
  • right speech
  • right intention
  • right livelihood
  • right effort
  • right mindfulness
  • right concentration
There is much more about Buddhism and the meaning of the Buddha statues at the website for Himalaya Crafts.

According to Jean, who ate at the previous restaurant at the same location (a Mexican restaurant), the decor has been completely changed. I found the decor to be very attractive and not overly busy.

I ordered my food from the lunch menu. Each dish came with tofu soup and a spring roll. The spiciness of the food was dependent on the diner. If you enjoy your food with more kick to it, you can certainly have that. I enjoy my food with less kick to it, so I ordered the mild version. The dish was a cashew chicken dish with jasmine rice. It had, in addition to the cashews and the chunks of chicken breast, broccoli, baby corn, mushrooms, celery, and other vegetables. The sauce was just right for me: not too spicy and not too salty. The lunch portion was reasonably priced: the entire meal, which included rice and soup, cost $8.95. The service was very attentive and friendly.

Jean ordered a dessert, which we all tasted. It featured sticky rice with mango. It was delightfully sweet and light.

If you find yourself in Niagara Falls and you’re in the mood for a culinary adventure, I definitely recommend a visit to My Thai.

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  1. I love Thai Food. If I'm ever in this location I will be sure to visit the restaurant. Thank you for sharing…

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