Q is for quirky characters and cliches (creative writing exercise, part one)

I had once tried to write a story with a character whom I called the cliche master. Everything that came out of his mouth would be a cliche. 

Unfortunately, in the attempt to conjure up that many cliches from memory, my brain froze and went into auto shutdown mode. So I gave up the project. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology (I think that may be a cliche), I have found a website with a listing of 681 cliches for writers to avoid. As a result, I’m bringing back the cliche master! 
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This post is a creative writing activity in two parts. Today, I will set up the story, and on Saturday, I will share my story. You are welcome to play along with me and write a story, too. I think that every story, using the same character descriptions and scenarios, will be very different, sort of like when I go to a painting class and we all paint the same subject, but each person paints a very different painting.
So… back to the cliche master… and the listing of cliches to avoid in writing. In this story, I would guess that I’m going to use as many of those cliches as possible. This is how I’m going to give the cliche master a voice. I’m also going to use a random plot generator to come up with characters, a setting, a situation, a theme, and character action.

Main character: A woman in her seventies, who can be quite restless.

Second character: A man in his sixties, who is very easy going and quirky, yet has nothing original to say (the cliche master). 

Situation: Someone telling the truth is not believed (would you believe someone who is quirky and who spouted nothing but cliches?)

Theme: It’s a story about rebellion 

Character Action: Your character has some questions to answer

OK, two days to play! Ready, set, go!!!!

4 thoughts on “Q is for quirky characters and cliches (creative writing exercise, part one)”

  1. What an interesting idea. Unfortunately, I'm a bit too tied up to play ( have I just used a cliche?) but will definitely mark this as one of the things to do …..

  2. I was in transit yesterday, and today I'm not going to be around much…but hoping you find others to have writing fun with.

  3. I'm late coming to this post. I fell down on the daily sharing and reading this week. I'm intrigued by your creative writing exercise. I'm going to bookmark it to try later. I might even feature it on a Fun Friday post.

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