Polar Bear Plunge!

On Saturday, January 23rd, I took a field trip with a group from Washington, D.C.’s Assisi Community. We went to Annapolis, Maryland, for the Chesapeake Climate Action Network’s Polar Bear Plunge. The event featured all sorts of bathing suit clad people racing into the cold water of the Chesapeake Bay. The message was “keep winter cold.” I was more than happy to be an audience for that event, having never been especially fond of either having a bathing suit as my fashion statement in the winter or of racing into freezing cold water. So, I was to be an audience for this event. Dave was the brave one from the Assisi Community. He put his hair into fashionable braids for the event. Before the event started, it was picture time. Loads of photographs were taken by a professional photographer. Everyone, plungers and audience alike, was asked to use our bodies to form the number 350. That number is significant because it is considered by many scientists to be the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. For more information about 350 and carbon dioxide, take a look at http://www.350.org.
Free coffee and tea and cookies and muffins were served. The cookies and muffins were made with all vegan ingredients. The carrot muffin definitely passed the taste test!!!
All had a good time at the polar bear plunge. The timing was serendipitous. A week later, the temperature had plummeted. It truly would have been a day fit only for polar bears to plunge.

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