Plants of the Caribbean

I was so excited to see so much color and such a variety of plants. Unfortunately, I had to put the phone in airplane mode to avoid roaming charges so I wasn’t able to use my plant identification app. I hope that you enjoy the pictures of these plants, even if they are unidentified.

At times, I ran from plant to plant, just to look at them and take their picture.

I have never seen anything like this. Isn’t it incredible?

Here is another variation on the incredible theme.

Coconut palm trees.

I would definitely want to visit the Caribbean islands, just to explore the plant life. The variety was amazing and the colors and shapes were spectacularly beautiful.

9 thoughts on “Plants of the Caribbean”

  1. I feel refreshed whenever I see the beauty of Almighty God’s (Yahweh’s) creations, including the flowers. I appreciate you sharing this.

  2. What beautiful flowers and colors! I’m so glad you had an enjoyable cruise while your Buffalo weather was not the best! I think I ID’d the flowers #1 – Oleander (we have similar ones in SC), #2 – Calotropis, #3 – Crinum lily, #4 – Coconut palm (or at least that’s what we call them in SC), $5 – Ixora. Congrats on another UBC!

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