Photo challenge, week ten

Note about the photography challenge: I began this year-long project on August 1st, after reading a posting on the Second Breakfast blog. This is a beautifully written and designed blog. Take a look at it when you get a chance. The project challenges me to take at least one picture a day for a year. That means that I am taking daily pictures for 366 days, since 2016 is a leap year. I have been sharing my progress weekly on this blog.

So here is week ten of the 366-day photography challenge:

My recap for the week starts with Tuesday, October 6th. That was the day that I did the “challenge within the challenge,” documenting my activities for an entire day. The last part of the challenge is to share one photograph from that day on the weekly summary and then to link to the page. I am linking with the word “link”: “link”
On Wednesday, I went to my sister Vivian’s house to weed her garden and to cut down her hostas and tall grasses. Vivian’s deck is being replaced, and the new deck, a work in progress, is quite lovely and very sturdy.

Bee on driveway.

Mums come in so many colors.

The garden was quite weedy. Some weeds have self-defense devices, but I have gloves so… I win! (unless the weed is a giant hogweed. Fortunately, I haven’t seen any. I’ve been told that they look like Queen Anne’s Lace on steroids. Their flowers are as big as dinner plates! If you see one of these plants, DO NOT TOUCH! They are dangerous. Physical contact with these plants could land you in the hospital. You could get serious burns and, if the sap from the giant hogweed gets in your eye, you could lose the sight in that eye. If you live in New York State, your best bet is to call the Department of Environmental Conservation, and people dressed in haz mat suits will remove the weed. If you live elsewhere, you might want to find out who is responsible for removing dangerous plants.)
On Thursday, I went to Stella Niagara Educational Park to do some watercolor painting.

This is my painting. It will become a Christmas card… or a winter notecard…

I had a very pleasant walk from Tops Market in the Village of Lewiston to Stella Niagara, in the Town of Lewiston. It was very delightful to see the village and the gorge and all of the signs of autumn.

Stella Niagara.

Halloween is coming.

The plants are mature and still radiant, in the ground, in window boxes, and everywhere that plant life can flourish.

These squashes are highly decorative, as well as nutritious.

There are so many interesting doors in Lewiston.

I can see me reflected in this door!

Street scene in the Village of Lewiston.
On Friday, I stay at home. I work on a crochet project and I bake chocolate chip cookies.

I have fun with the camera, standing up paintings and placing the bear in front of them. The effect is quite entertaining.

This was my adaptation of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” that I painted in January for my series of bear paintings. The screaming man with the head shaped like a light bulb is replaced by a screaming bear. Neither of them are happy because their friends are leaving without them. They feel abandoned and bereft of hope. That can’t be a very pleasant way to feel. Hence, they express their feelings with a scream.

Critters in the woods.

A long time ago, I went on a tour of Europe with a church choir. These are the dolls that I bought in Poland. They are a lovely couple.
I have been fascinated by the various mushrooms that I’ve found. They come in different sizes and shapes. Once again, a warning: if you are not an expert mushroom hunter, do not eat the mushrooms that you find. They could be poisonous toadstools. If you eat one, you could end up in the hospital or the funeral parlor. Ugh. I choose to do my mushroom hunting in the supermarket because I prefer delicious, nontoxic mushrooms.

On Sunday, October 11th, I went to a sing-along, sponsored by the Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus, at Saint Christopher Church in the town of Tonawanda. We sang choruses from “Carmina Burana,” by Carl Orff.

Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers.

The windows are very modern and quite attractive.

Tomorrow: All about “Carmina Burana”

Question for you: What were some of the high points of your week? What did you enjoy the most? Please let me know in the comment area below.

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  1. Great photos! We have 2 beehives, and I can tell you that bee is NOT one you'd like to have around, glad it left you alone.

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