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I do love to walk outside at this time of year and to see spring beginning to unfold. And, of course, I bring my camera and take a plethora of nature photographs. Unfortunately, today is not one of those days. I’m looking out my window and am seeing some sort of precipitation coming down that looks like some sort of awful rain/snow mixture. My camera and I are both fussy. We don’t like being cold, damp, and cranky. You’re asking, how is a camera cranky? It gets cranky by not functioning when it gets wet. Maybe I stop functioning when I get wet, too. There’s nothing worse, in my opinion, than wet socks, shoes, and feet. Of course, if you’re a fan of blisters, you might enjoy getting your feet wet. I can’t say that I know anyone who likes blisters, however. Oh… wait! It’s starting to look like snow!!! Really wet, yucky snow. Please go away, snow!

Instead of going outside and taking pictures of the beautiful flowers that are finally starting to bloom, I’m going to post photographs of attractive places that I took in the past. We will start with…


Have a seat… or… maybe not!
Buckhorn Island State Park is very attractive at this time of year.


Crocuses are among the early flowers that grow in late winter and early spring. They get covered with snow at times, but they are hardy little plants that can survive snow and cold and wind.
Every year, in the Japanese gardens at Delaware Park in Buffalo, New York, there is a cherry blossom festival. This year, it is scheduled for the weekend of April 30th-May 1st. The cherry blossoms are beautiful to see, as are the Japanese gardens, which is a very peaceful place to relax, read, or paint. The Japanese gardens were a gift from Buffalo’s sister city, Kanazawa, Japan.
This is a view of the Japanese Gardens and of Hoyt Lake, as well as of the Buffalo History Museum. This is one of my most favorite places in Buffalo to visit. It’s so beautiful and relaxing. This lake is actually manmade, which I find quite astonishing.


Aren’t these cactus flowers gorgeous??
There is so much to see at the Buffalo Garden Walk. This event, described as the largest garden walk in the United States, is scheduled for the weekend of July 30th and 31st. Many homeowners and churches and community centers and other organizations will open their gardens for the public to view. These gardens are amazing and incredibly creative. If you’re going to be in Buffalo during that weekend, make sure not to miss the Garden Walk.
On the Saturday of Garden Walk, Paddles Up! will be held in Beaver Island State Park on Grand Island, New York. This event, which is organized by the Niagara River Greenway Commission, is a noncompetitive paddle for people in kayaks and canoes. It’s a good deal of fun for paddlers of all ages.


The Taste of Grand Island features all sorts of autumnal crops. It is a lot of fun to get taste tests of the delicious seasonal foods that local restaurants prepare. Most of them use local produce to create their delicacies. This event is usually held late in September. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Taste of Grand Island was last held in 2019.
Fall festivals are held all over Grand Island in October. Some of the sites for the fall festival include Kelly’s Country Store and Trinity United Methodist Church. They feature fun events, including hay rides, trunk or treat, and, of course, taste tests of delicious autumnal foods.

And now, the snow is actually sticking to the ground. I think that April Fool’s Day is over, but the snowfall is unaware that it’s behind schedule!

Tomorrow will be sponsored by the letter P. Does P stand for pencil, penny, pest, or something else? Come back and find out!

11 thoughts on “O is for outside”

  1. I don’t like cold, damp, and cranky either. Since I’m in Southern California where the weather doesn’t fluctuate much most of our days are pretty nice. I probably should get outside more. But I don’t.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. Alice, what a lovely tour of the seasons! Wait–you have fresh corn in the Fall? Wonderful. About the Japanese Gardens pond– I find most of those are carefully designed and constructed, but made to look natural– so that they will have the exact visual characteristics desired.

    1. Yes, fresh corn in the fall and pumpkins and many varieties of apples, too. Yes, that pond does look very natural and it’s a wonderful thing to see. I’m looking forward to visiting it when the cherrry blossoms open.

    1. We have all sorts of wonderful farmers markets here. It’s fun to come up with recipes for the vegetables. In fact, I think that, once the farmers market starts in mid-May, I’m going to make a weekly soup to celebrate fresh vegetables. Check out this site for the weekly soup!

  3. All those snapshots are so beautiful specially pics of the flowers. U live in a happening neighborhood…….As I have not experienced snow, I have a fantasy to experience it —-but I heard the after effects from many friends. So would u be going to Garden walk ?

    Good day.

    Dropping by from a to z “The Pensive”

  4. That is crazy that it snowed again for you.. it is April after all, right, and spring has started… looks like winter didn’t get the message..
    Love the tour of the seasons and Hoyt lake does look beautiful.. I have not visited Buffalo yet but maybe on a future trip towards the east:)
    One of my fav things to photograph are flowers .. and I love seeing your pics

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