November gratitude: Bees are the best


Tomorrow is election day, and that feels kind of stressful. I chose to do this gratitude challenge as both a way to distract myself and as an opportunity for me to look at my world and see its beauty and the kindness that exists, as opposed to the tension, divisions, and anger. My goal isn’t to ignore the very real problems that the United States and the rest of the world face, but, instead, to find hope. Find hope that we do have a future and that future can be good, if humans could just find a way toward kindness and toward supporting one another, instead of tearing each other down.

So I am thinking about bees. Specifically honeybees. Honeybees are social animals. They live in hives. They each have a job to do and they do that job. They might forage for nectar and pollen or tend to larvae or fertilize the queen. Their goal is to protect the queen and to ensure that there is the next generation of honeybee. The entire hive works together to make that happen.

As I think about the events of this drawn out campaign that started more than two years ago, I can see the disharmony and the struggle that we as humans have to achieve a common goal. It is not like that for bees. They work together to ensure the continuation of their species. For bees, teamwork creates the dream work.

And because today is “B” day, I offer a few more B words for which I am very thankful.

  • books
  • bandanas
  • bulletin boards
  • baskets
  • baby humans and baby animals
  • banks
  • brie
  • Buffalo Bills! (Let’s go, Buffalo! And today, the Bills really make me want to shout!)
Bye bye! I’m working tomorrow as an election inspector so my next post will be written after that day is over!

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