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This is the pier at Beaver Island State Park, still clogged with ice. It was near this pier that I met a man who had ice fishing gear in his vehicle. He was ready to go on the ice. He took a large, pointed stick and poked at the ice to determine how solid it was. Some of it was solid, but, at places not far from the solid spots, the ice was already starting to turn to mush in the warm air.
When I left the pier and got on the boardwalk at the beach, I saw a man who was dressed from head to toe in waterproof gear walking on the beach. He pushed a metal detector device in one hand and he held some sort of collector in his other hand. Apparently, he was searching for coins or some other sort of treasure. He seemed very intent on his task. A dog was frolicking not too far away. His human had to call several time before the dog returned to join the human and another dog.

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