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Yesterday, my telephoto lens for my Pentax Q7 arrived in the mail. I have never owned anything but a point and shoot type camera until I got the Pentax Q7 so I decided to test it out. One thing that I quickly found out was that, by using a lens with a longer zoom, I could take a better picture of Zoe, our fifteen-year-old cat. I didn’t have to get quite as close to her, which, normally, would cause her to depart abruptly, before I even got the right settings for the camera.

I can photograph things across the room, such as this painting of the Beaver Island lagoon. 

Close-up things require considerably less zoom. Therefore, I switched to the standard zoom lens for this photograph of the pattern on the bone china saucer.

Back to the telephoto lens, which gives me a good view of things in the china cabinet.

Here’s another view of the china cabinet.
Still experimenting, this time, outside. Here is a yellow maple leave that has fallen to the ground.

I am thinking that I can use the eyeglass analogy to camera lenses. The telephoto lens is like the part of the eyeglasses that correct my distance vision, and the standard zoom lens is more like reading glasses.

I walked to the post office to mail a package (the tote bag that I described in yesterday’s post). This flower definitely captured my attention. 

I took several pictures of tree trunks. Using the telephoto lens helped me to zoom in more to get more detail of the bark patterns.

The house that burned down was torn down, leaving behind nothing but a driveway, a mailbox, and a shed. There is now a for sale sign in front of the property, and this “no trespassing” sign.

I get a great view of Woods Creek with the telephoto lens. 

I am very happy with my two lenses, giving me a wider variety of photographic views of the world.

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  1. I look forward to seeing how you progress as you learn different things. Looking through a different lens (figuratively and factually) can change things 🙂 I smiled about Zoe. My mini schnauzer runs away every single time I get the camera out!!

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