Life, with patches

There is so much sadness in the world, and I can feel the heartbreak. A few weeks ago, I wrote this poem about the world’s rips and tears and the hope that there could be patches to fix the broken hearts. Although my belief that a real change of heart is flagging, I refuse to give up hope. Hence, the poem. The poetic form that I chose is called pantoum. It is a rhyming format. The poem consists of a group of quatrains, with the second and fourth lines of each quatrain repeated as the first and third lines of the next.

The world is full of rips and tears
growing bigger, feeling broken.
Our hearts fill with unspoken fears.
Can we be calm? We count to ten.

Growing bigger, feeling broken,
the rips continue to expand.
Can we be calm? We count to ten
and wait, breathing in and out and...

The rips continued to expand.
Calming down, we hope for a patch.
We wait, breathing, in and out and...
Seeking hope within reach to snatch.

Feeling calm, we grab for a patch
which can cover the rips and tears.
That hope is there, easy to snatch. 
Our hearts feel peaceful. No more fears.

2 thoughts on “Life, with patches”

    1. I do wish it could be that easy, that all it took was people opening their hearts to others. But, unfortunately, it isn’t. Humans often make choices that have nothing to do with kindness.

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