Life in these strange times: early spring in Buckhorn Island State Park

Yesterday, the sun shone brightly in the sky. And, when I stepped outside, I could feel the gentleness of the air. Not the biting coldness of winter, but the gentleness of spring.

And so, it was time to renew myself by walking to Buckhorn Island State Park. I chose this place to walk to because it is my favorite place on Grand Island. It has been a source of peace and beauty for me for quite some time.

It is a place where I can release all of the pent up emotions into the air and be filled with the joy that nature provides.

Buckhorn Island State Park, also, has been getting renewed. Invasive plant species have been removed. The ash trees that were killed by the emerald ash borer lie dead and shattered. But dead trees provide nourishment and nutrients for the soil. Fungi, such as mushrooms, grow on the dead trees. They are part of the cycle of life.

During this time that the world is turned off, renewal and finding the thing that give you joy are essential. I don’t think that anyone ever imagined that the world would have an off switch.

But… someone or a bunch of someones pressed the off switch. And, there, you have it. The world may not be stopped but it is dramatically slowed down.

It is in this moment of slowing down that there are opportunities. These opportunities are usually overlooked during the time of great busy-ness. The bare trees in early spring.

The vernal pools, teeming with life just beneath the surface. The brown cattails, which serve as reminders that, yes, summer will come. The calm waters of the river.

The marsh and the creeks and the swamps. All are full of water, which provides life and nourishments to all who live in the forest. And to us, too.

Tomorrow, I start a series on spirituality during these strange times!!! Make sure to visit this blog regularly!!

2 thoughts on “Life in these strange times: early spring in Buckhorn Island State Park”

  1. Beautiful photos and what a great way to clear your mind! I love the third picture, it reminds me of an eye!! I view from the eye.

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