K is for kitchen fun

On January 27th, I went to a wellness fair, sponsored by Grand Island’s small businesses. It was a delightful event, and I wrote about it early in February. Here is a link to that post: all about the wellness fair

Every one of the exhibitors at the wellness fair had a prize that could be won. I had a bunch of raffle tickets to play with, and I managed to use them up.

Later on, I found out that I had won the prize that Celia Spacone, formerly the executive director of the Buffalo Psychiatric Center, was offering at her mental health exhibit. She had a whole collection of literature, with interesting information about mental health, drug addiction, and other topics, that she was sharing. The prize that Celia offered was a very large can of peanuts that weighs somewhere around two pounds.

Could homemade almond butter
be in my future?

The peanuts were mine! It was, however, a few months before I was able to collect. When I got them, I thought… OK… what do I do with all of these peanuts? How do I make yummy beauty out of a massive amount of peanuts? Hmmm. I thought. I could make peanut butter! I found a few recipes online, and I made peanut butter in the food processor that I had bought in 2011 at a garage sale for three dollars. 

I found: three different ways to make peanut butter
and: five-minute peanut butter

I made peanut butter! It was awesome! So… what can I make with the peanut butter? What about angel hair pasta with a peanut sauce? That sounds tasty. I gathered my ingredients and I made angel hair pasta with a peanut sauce. The pasta dish can be made either mild or spicy. I prefer my food mild, rather than spicy, so I left out the ingredient that makes the food spicy. It is sriracha sauce. It’s a type of hot sauce. You might enjoy adding the sriracha sauce so, if you prefer your food spicy, go for it. It will be tasty, and tasty is beautiful.

You’re probably wondering about my title. Kitchen fun. Well, I love to cook and bake, so I get to experience kitchen fun when I am working on food. It’s always a culinary adventure, and one of the benefits of the internet is that it is a great cookbook.

Here is the recipe for the angel hair pasta with a peanut sauce: yummy for the tummy from spark people!

Either tomorrow or Monday, I am going to use some more of those peanuts to make peanut soup. This is the recipe from Cookie and Kate, who share all sorts of yummy vegetarian recipes in their blog: recipe for vegetarian peanut soup.

Today’s question: What recipes have you found on the internet that have turned out to be delicious treats?

4 thoughts on “K is for kitchen fun”

  1. I love those canned peanuts. If you go into one of the stores, they have so many kinds, and you can sample them (none of those stores around here, but I think there is one in Savannah, GA, not that that helps us). I love peanut sauce on pasta and using peanut butter in marinades, with soy sauce and garlic.

  2. I don't know about peanut butter in a sauce or on other dishes, but I also like my food mild. Or, I should say, my tummy prefers it that way. Glad you made yourself something yummy!

  3. Congrats on winning and always making peanut butter! That is so cool and love the photo and the little bear checking it out!

  4. You are so resourceful. I could have never figured out what to do with so many peanuts. The pasta looks good, it must have tasted great with peanut sauce. I have never tried that combination before. Maybe I should give it a try.

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