Inspire your heart with arts day

January 31st is Inspire Your Heart with Arts Day. I didn’t know that until a few hours ago. It’s not a holiday that is widely known or well advertised. I love the idea of having a holiday that’s dedicated to inspiring hearts. Sooooo…. put this on your calendar to celebrate next year. There are so many ways to celebrate the arts, which include both the visual and the performing arts.

Today, I am celebrating by sharing a gallery of paintings that I have done in November and December of 2017, as well as January of 2018. The magic of making a painting is that you start with a totally blank sheet of paper or canvas. It is up to you to bring life to your paper and canvas. You draw a picture and, then, you paint it, bringing color, light, and depth to your image. In addition, your image tells a story that can better be told with pictures, as opposed to words. Your image has power. It has the potential to inspire the viewers’ hearts. Maybe they will also want to paint. Maybe they will create their own stories for your paintings. 

Below is the gallery:

Preparing for Christmas. The painting on the left was the one that I chose for my Christmas card design for Christmas 2017. I have a bunch left over and, when we’re a little closer for Christmas 2018, I plan on advertising these for sale.

I took a painting class through Grand Island’s continuing education program. I chose to paint this image with oil paints. I truly enjoyed the oil paints. They blended beautifully on the canvas. With oil paints, you start with your dark colors and then add the light colors. It is the opposite of water color, which works best if you start with your light colors and then add dark colors.

On January 18th, I enjoyed creating this very peaceful snow scene in the countryside.

This was the painting that I discussed just a few days ago in the blog post about creating warm weather images during a very cold and windy winter.

Discussion:  How has your heart been inspired with the arts lately?

10 thoughts on “Inspire your heart with arts day”

  1. Oh, these are so pretty, Alice. I'm glad you thought of sharing these with us. I had no clue there was a day like that on Jan 31st. You know, so much was being talked about the Super Blue Blood Moon that happened yesterday, and what all its supposed to bring into our lives (and not all very nice things, mind you!) that I was at one point dreading it. I so wish I knew about this.I'd have done some sketches and drawings too.

  2. I find your art inspiring! And I have loved connecting with you this past month as you shared both your art and your stories.

  3. Such beautiful art, Alice. Never knew about the day. If i think what I did on the day, it would be trying to click the pictures of the moon with my phone πŸ˜‰ That's too art. Isn't it?


    You know, Alice, no one ever told me that simple rule about water paints versus oil paints. Thanks for that piece of data!

  5. I love your paintings Alice! While your heart inspires you with painting, my does it with sewing. I look forward to visiting even with the challenge over and hoping I can post at least once or twice a week. Until April when we go full steam ahead!

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