Images of the Erie County Fair

Busy in the historical building

On the last day of the Erie County Fair, my friend Mary and I went to see the sights and to see the objects that we had entered into various contests. She had entered potted plants and vegetables, and I had entered paintings.

The last day of the fair is not a good day to look at the vegetable display. The vegetables are old, limp, and bordering on rotten. In fact, some of the vegetables look inedible. There has to be a better way to run that sort of contest. Maybe a daily contest? Enter the vegetables each day and prizes are awarded for the best vegetables of the day. And the prize? Your pick of vegetables to take home? You get to eat the vegetables on the spot? Oh. I don’t know. Eat them on the spot sounds like a plan to me but, then again, I am extremely food oriented.

John Volpe of Batavia discusses the Native American relationship with the earth and all of her creatures, from humans and eagles to earthworms.

Here is a closer view of John Volpe’s display.

Here is one of the exhibits in the historical building. Several of the local historical societies put together exhibits for the fair.

Mary works for Erie County so she had to staff a booth for several hours. I wandered around the fair and visited the historical building and the creative arts exhibit. The highlight of the visit to the creative arts exhibit was when I got to participate in a paint pouring project. People waited on line for the chance to choose a plastic cup filled with paint. Then they walked around a large curved canvas and poured the paint on the top or the side or where ever they chose to pour. On both sides of the large curved canvas was the number 175. The Erie County Fair has been going on for 175 years.

Reaching up and pouring purple paint.

This is what a completed project looks like, after the pouring is done.

Here is a closer view of the pouring project, in progress.

Here I am, pouring blue paint, here, there, and everywhere.

Alice continues to pour the paint.

Can I find more places to pour the paint?

On the number… yes!!!

Here is a closeup of the number 5. The paint is still dripping and the number comes alive with color.

I walked through the midway, which was crowded with people. They move slowly, sort of like the human version of glaciers! Walking behind slow people is sort of like my image of… um… never mind…

They are all upside down, after literally jumping through hoops!

That’s one way to become tall!!!

Dinner plates (fortunately without food) in motion. (Do not try this at home)

An acrobatic dance performance.

It really was quite a sight. Gravity only seems to be a suggestion, not a law of physics.

On a chair and reaching for the stars.

Wow. I could hardly believe my eyes!!!

Anyway, later on, when Mary was finished at the booth, we took a closer look at the wilted vegetables. I saw Chinese acrobats perform and then we went to eat a delicious dinner. The trees were wrapped in strings of white lights. It was quite attractive. We left shortly before the fair ended for the year.

Here is a centerpiece on display at the creative arts building.

Here is a lovely place setting for what promises to be a delightful meal.

Here is another lovely centerpiece.

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