Images from a Congressional campaign

In January, I shared the story and images of Nathan McMurray’s announcement that he was running for the House of Representatives in New York’s 27th district. Here is a link to that post.

Running for Congress in a district as large as New York’s 27th means a lot of travel. For me, that has been virtually impossible, due to transportation issues.

Fortunately, on Saturday, this wonderful button maker named Jude Keys gave me a ride to

historic house in
Murray, N.Y.

Murray, N.Y., in 

Orleans County for a midsummer night’s dinner at the home of Jayne, who was very hospitable, kind, and supportive of Nate. (Stay tuned for upcoming interviews with both Jude and Jayne.)

The party was held outside in Jayne’s yard. There have been all sorts of house parties in support of Nate being held all over the 27th district. I will photograph and share as many as I can..

Samantha Buccini talked about the change that Nate has created in Grand Island, since being elected town supervisor in 2015. 

Nate shared his story and his hopes
for a nation that he believes in.
Nate has created change in
Grand Island as town supervisor,
and he has the optimism,
energy, and enthusiasm to
do the same in Washington, D.C.

Upcoming: Look for more stories and images from the Nathan McMurray for Congress campaign!

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