if you don’t see me, do I exist?

As I was walking home from the chicken barbecue at St. Martin in the Fields Episcopal Church, I saw a rabbit. It might have seen me or it might have been spooked by car noises, but it suddenly ran into a very weedy area and peeked out from its hiding spot.

So I took a picture of the little rabbit just because I could see it and, apparently, it wasn’t looking in my direction. It was looking at something, but I wasn’t sure what until I saw a much bigger rabbit. I think that it saw me because it started running. In true rabbit style, it stopped and looked in my direction, as if it were daring me to take its picture. Who am I to refuse a dare, especially when posed by a rabbit?

And I kept clicking away because rabbits are cute, but they are rarely good at posing for photographs. This one was kind of far away, but it was just sitting there, looking very posed (or maybe composed).

I really was having fun looking at the little quivering nose and the cute glowing eyeballs of the rabbit. I kept thinking of all of the rabbits in literature and how entertained I was by them. There was Peter Rabbit, who, unlike his sisters Flopsy and Mopsy, was quite the glutton and ate too much in Mr. MacGregor’s garden. The gardener got mad and finally chased Peter away. But Peter had indigestion by then and had to drink chamomile tea and go to bed. Which reminds me. I really like chamomile tea and I can be a bit gluttonous at times, so maybe I have a bit too much in common with Peter Rabbit. But I understand Mr. MacGregor’s point of view, too. I really don’t like it when critters turn my garden into a smorgasbord!

And speaking about gluttony, when it comes to rabbits, there’s always Bugs Bunny vs. Elmer J. Fudd, who kept talking about how much he wanted rabbit stew and about how Bugs Bunny would be a tasty morsel. Hmmm. Kind of rude, I would say. He even went as far as to call Bugs Bunny a Wascally Wabbit. Hmmm. He was constantly trying to shoot Bugs Bunny, but, fortunately, his aim was atrocious so I don’t think that Bugs Bunny ever became dinner.

I was obviously having way too much fun. After I took this picture, the rabbit apparently tired of posing and it departed the scene.

… going elsewhere, no doubt. Check out future critter posts here!!!! You never know when they will pop up!

10 thoughts on “if you don’t see me, do I exist?”

  1. To answer your question, in the morning, my wife went out to the garden and discovered that the blossoms on her flowers no longer existed, ergo, even though we did not see the rabbit, he existed.

  2. I love taking pictures of our rabbit friends. We have a few that will hop right up to our front door as if to say, “I’m here if you want a picture!” Cute poses.

  3. Alice, this was definitely one of Alice’s Grand Adventures! How many of us get to have a mutual stare-down with a rabbit? A niece of mine raises rabbits but rarely takes pictures of them. Thanks for the excursion!

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