I is for ice

Last Wednesday, the winds howled. As I looked out the window, I could see uprooted trees, trees fallen on electrical lines, broken garbage cans lying in ditches, roof shingles on lawns and in the street, and the list goes on.  Doesn’t that seem like an unlikely setting in which to find beauty?

I thought so, too, until early that evening, when I was in a car, traveling over the Niagara River. The river was full of ice chunks that were floating free in the water. It was an amazing sight. I wanted to photograph it but that wasn’t happening in a moving vehicle (no, I wasn’t driving).

The next day, I was in Beaver Island State Park. There, I saw ice chunks floating free in the water.

Once I was closer to the water, albeit in a different car, I could see how large the ice chunks were. I decided that I would take pictures of the ice in the river. On foot, I got closer to the river and I saw the beauty that came about with big blocks of ice in the water. The sight was amazing. 

The next day, I walked to a different part of the river, with less ice. This is what the ice looked like there:

smaller chunks of ice, sitting under a dock
slowly, the beautiful ice floats away. Maybe spring will come soon?

Stay tuned for the next episode of finding beauty in likely and unlikely places!  

10 thoughts on “I is for ice”

  1. You are right! The chunks of ice are beautiful. Wow, you're really doing it this month – on posts like this one, where it's clear you're going to really have to look for it – it's a delight when you manage to find it.

  2. It's nice to see these beautiful photos of nature! Coming from someone who used to be a place of snowy/icy weather to the south where there is virtually no snow at all… lol, I am able to step back and enjoy the beauty of icy weather.. Thank you for sharing your walk!

  3. Lovely photos, Alice. Nature can be nasty but beautiful. What a strange and long winter. I wish and hope for spring soon.


  4. The Gratitude Guru

    I is for "I can't believe we are in Spring" – It feels a lot like winter still!

    The warmer weather is on its way, and all the ice will be quickly forgotten!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Floating chunks of ice must be fascinating to watch. You have captured them so beautifully too. Thanks for sharing, Alice!

  6. April so far over here in the UK has also been wintery – wet rather than ice though.

    The forecast for next week is warm and sunny – how about that

  7. I remember the ice breakup we used to have on the shallow Chenango River each spring when I first moved to the Binghamton area in the mid 1980's That was a sight to see and if I had only known that i would be a rare sight one day, I would have taken a picture (with film, of course). Remember the days when we couldn't take hundreds and hundreds of pictures unless you were a millionaire? Ice on trees is so pretty, too-pretty and deadly.

  8. Beautiful pictures Alice! How the ice chunks brought back memories from when we lived in upstate New York. It was super cold but enjoyed the great photos that we were able to take.

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