Humans of Grand Island: the food truck

Yesterday, I talked to Suzi Bognar-Langenfeld, who is the owner and operator of a food truck called Oarhouse Eatery. She was parked outside of Momma De’s Mixing Bowl on Whitehaven Road. I asked her what motivated her to own and operate a food truck.

I love to cook. It doesn’t feel like work when you do what you love and you feel like it matters. I was in the human services field, the mental health human services field. Then, I became a mom. Therefore, my life is built around accommodating my young child. She is four and a half years old.

How long have you operated the food truck?
This is my third season with my food truck. I wanted to be a mom first. That is my main job. I love the flexibility of being my own boss. I decided, “You know what? I’m going to buy a food trailer.” I went online and just followed the regulations to start a business. I had money saved, and I founded a food trailer. It was established in 2014.

What do you most enjoy about owning and operating a food truck?
I can keep flexible hours. I enjoy the creativity with food, serving other people, the interaction with the community, and all the different types of people that you meet.

Do you do anything else, in addition to running the food truck?
I have a farm. I raise poultry and sell eggs. I am clearing land and my goal is to plant blueberries and strawberries and raspberries for a you pick operation. Last year, I sold turkeys and meat chickens. Next year, I plan on selling poultry again and maybe grow a pumpkin patch.

Next Wednesday, October 25th, is the last week that the Oarhouse Eatery will be parked outside of Momma De’s Mixing Bowl for the season. Feel free to try some of Suzi’s food samplings and then head on inside for dessert. There is seating both inside and outside.

5 thoughts on “Humans of Grand Island: the food truck”

  1. I love that she decided to change everything because of motherhood. I did exactly the same thing. Was working as an addictions therapist, but decided I didn't want to work full-time in such an energy-draining situation. So I totally get why she'd make such a change.


    I'm amazed how this business sector has changed. No longer drab food parked by museums and the like- but tasty munchies that have social media following so we know where we can get the best.
    Great share, Alice. Wish Suzi well for me!

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