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Here in Western New York, the schools have just re-opened in a hybrid format. Kids get two days of in-class instruction and three days of remote instruction under this format. There is also the option of only remote instruction. Some school systems are choosing a format, in which kids attend school every other day. In both hybrid learning scenarios, there are two groups of students attending school on different days of the week. And there is also the option of home schooling. Clear as mud? All right.

Education, of course, is more than the school building. It is the opportunity to grow, to develop new skills, to explore, to create. And now, when so much of the educational process is being done at home, why not do something fun and creative that can involve the participation of the whole family?

Here are five ideas for creative activities for families:

Creative writing prompts

Here is a link to a website with all sorts of creative writing prompts. They include such fun things as imagining that you woke up with a mermaid tail, how would you spend a sudden windfall of $1,000, and what would you do if you discovered that you were one inch tall? In fact, at this website, there are 300 ideas for creative writing activities. They are great for kids of all ages, so these are projects that families can enjoy together. This is your link to creative writing fun! 

You too can be a scientist

Science is fun and involves lots of hands-on activity. You and your kids can have a great time exploring what makes the world tick. You could make your own slime, build a sundial, and create a tornado in a bottle. You could do science experiments that sizzle. You can even do science experiments while taking a bath (now, that is multitasking!). Here is a website that gives you 64 easy science experiments to do at home. Oh, and did I mention that the results of some of those experiments can taste really good? You can make your own butter and ice cream! Here is your link to fun with science!

Fun with math for kinesthetic learners

Not everyone associates math with fun, but there is no reason for math to be anything but fun. We use math in day to day life. When you measure a cup of flour or you count money, you are using math. I have found that doing stuff makes math both easier and more fun. The website that I am sharing with you offers all sorts of fun math activities. It includes making a math facts garden (all you need for this is sidewalk chalk), painting rocks with numbers, and so much more. Here is a link to a website with fun math games & activities.

The math & science of preparing food!

How about math and science activities that result in… dinner! Well, yes, you are doing a science project when you bake a cake or cookies because there are chemical reactions between ingredients going on. And, of course, you’re doing math. You’ve got to measure and count. Get the kids to help with this, and you’ve got math and science fun with edible results! What is better than that? Here is a link to a website that gives you ten ways to enjoy math and science while making a Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, you can make other meals, since Thanksgiving is still almost two months away. education that is fun and tasty!

Music making at home

Why not make music at home? You and your kids could make all sorts of rhythm instruments. You could make a giant xylophone. You could do fun music composition activities together. Oh, and you could combine your creative writing fun with your musical fun, by writing the lyrics to a song and then by making up your own melody and harmonies. Here is a link to musical fun at home!

(Disclaimer: I am not a teacher, although I have facilitated creative writing workshops and have helped to plan local programs on environmental topics. I have also interviewed a number of teachers, and they inspire me to be more creative and to love learning more.)

4 thoughts on “Having fun while learning at home”

  1. Those are great ideas for learning at home. I did the math through measuring food thing when I homeschooled my son. And we bought creative writing prompt books – wish i'd know about the website.

  2. So many things are educational. Parents just don't notice they've been teaching all along, at least the involved parents have been.
    I homeschooled, and one writing prompt my kids loved was the "What's Going On" prompt which was their idea of what was happening in a strange photo I'd given them. A photo out of context can trigger all sorts of imagination!

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