Garlic is delicious

My face when I get to eat garlicky food.

Today, the letter is G so I went to the random word generator and came up with the word “garlic.” What can I say? Garlic is great in everything. It’s good on potatoes and on toast and in soups and in stews. It’s just a fantastic ingredient to put in your food. There’s even garlic ice cream. All right. I will admit that I’ve never tried it. I will try anything at least once and that includes garlic ice cream. When I was a kid, I was just the opposite. I was a super fussy eater, and I went on food kicks. I would only eat a certain thing. Eventually, I got sick of my favorite food and I moved on to something else. Sometimes, there was a resulting food aversion. I remember being so obsessed with hot dogs that I ate them every day until I literally got sick. And then, I associated hot dogs with being sick. It was years before I ate another hot dog. But I digress. A little, at any rate.

When I was a little kid, my dad used to make wisecracks about how I wasn’t willing to try anything new. Years later, I was that odd combination of adventurous eater and fussy eater. Then, my dad said, “You’ll try anything, won’t you?” That was after I taste tested something odd looking at a supermarket that he refused to touch. Yes, I am still a fussy eater. There are certain foods that I won’t touch, usually because of texture or smell. I don’t like any condiments at all. The texture and the smell both are awful. Garlic, on the other hand… I will eat it with a mouse. I will eat it in a house. I will eat it with a cat and even with a bat. I will eat it here, and I will eat in there. Oh Sam I am, I will eat garlic anywhere.

So how about a few fun facts about garlic?

  • Garlic is very, very nutritious. A single clove of garlic (about 3 grams) contains 4.5 calories , 0.2 grams of protein, and 1 gram of carbs. Garlic is a good source of several nutrients, notably: manganese and vitamin B6. Garlic is considered to be a superfood.
  • it is said that garlic will ward off vampires.
  • During World War II, garlic was given to soldiers. It was called “Russian penicillin.”
  • Gilroy, California, is the garlic capital of the world. Every year, it holds a festival to celebrate all things garlic.
  • China grows the most garlic in the world, about 46 million pounds.
  • Greek athletes consumed massive quantities of garlic before competitions, and Greek soldiers ate up enormous amounts of garlic before a battle.
  • You can use garlic to make glue.

What are some of your favorite garlicky foods?

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  1. A neighbouring town has a garlic festival at he farmer’s market each year. It is a great place or buy all the garlic you will need for the winter and coming year. They also sell garlic graters. Your source for all things garlic.

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