G is for gray skies

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It snowed yesterday and today. For a short time, the flakes fell furiously. Well, almost furiously. OK, well, in my overactive imagination, the flakes fell furiously. It’s April. What can I say? Spring is supposed to be unfolding. Was I watching spring refolding back into winter? Say it ain’t so! It’s baseball season! Snow, be gone!

What do you do when the skies are gray and the wind blows and walking through the woods seems like less than fun? When the colorful crocuses don’t open? Here are some images of two of the things that I did. 

First up was the 365-day crochet project. I am busily working on piecing together my second afghan of the year.

This one will be comprised of 24 large squares. The colors that I am using in this afghan are: white, “hot blue,” black,

medium purple, a pastel mix, and a blue/black mix. 

The second project was something that I did at the Golden Age Center.

It is an  Easter wreath, colorful and bright, in pastel colors. It says “spring is unfolding.” At this moment, spring’s unfolding has been temporarily delayed, but… um… it will happen… on Friday. The weather forecasts… what else? Spring showers. Rain, that is.

What do you like to do on a dreary and wet day?

8 thoughts on “G is for gray skies”

  1. I work if it's a weekday, then I try to exercise outside (walking) unless it's miserable, which it was yesterday. Then off to read blogs. My crocheting is languishing; so happy you are keeping on with your keeping on. The weather is wanting you to complete your projects.

  2. All I can say is WOW! I learned to crochet from my Grandmother and I do so just often enough so I don't forget how. I have made of few afghans but they were very simple, nothing like what you can do. I only do the simple ones. Yours are beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful crochet pattern! I can only crochet a scarf! LOL The wreath is so cheerful too! On our dreary, wet days I like to bake!

  4. What do I do? Not very much, because weather like that drains my energy! Your crochet projects are beautiful! I read a lot, so rain or shine, I probably have my Kindle in hand when I'm not working.

  5. Snowed here, too. Your crochet squares are gorgeous. Love crocheting. I taught myself how to make raglan sleeve sweaters this winter. Ended up making 3. That's how I pass the time on a grey day…

  6. I love your afghan. Very pretty and each is a different design.
    Since its a cloudy day with showers, I'll probably plant some flower seeds for my garden. Have a great day everyone.

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