Funny Friday

It’s time for the July Ultimate Blog challenge! Today is the first day of the July Ultimate Blog challenge, so I thought that I would start off with a bit of fun, featuring some chickens.
One day, a chicken went to the library. Well, OK, he was a rooster. He walked around the library, crowing with great gusto. People looked up from their books. The folks who were using the computers were irritated because they were running out of computer time and they were watching crazy cat videos, instead of reading their emails. At last, the chicken went to the desk and said to the librarian, “Book, book, book.”

The librarian handed the chicken three books. The chicken left.

The next day, the chicken returned the book. After some preliminary crowing (for a rooster, that’s an occupational hazard), the chicken told the librarian, “Book, book, book.” The librarian gave the chicken the books, and the chicken left.
Unfortunately for the rooster, he was officially banned from the library, due to his incessant crowing. The cat video people complained, as did the people who were hiding in the stacks, attempting to have a private kissing session. So another chicken came in, returning the books that the rooster had borrowed. This chicken skipped the crowing and immediately said to the librarian, “Book, book, book.” The librarian gave the chicken three books, and the chicken left.
The same thing happened the next day. The librarian was getting curious.

What exactly were those chickens doing with all of those books?

The librarian decided to find out where the chickens were taking the books.

The next day, the baby chicken returned the books and in its tiny baby chicken voice, said to the librarian, “Book, book, book.” It was hard for the librarian to hear and its first attempts to say book were failures, sounding more like chirp, chirp, chirp. The librarian handed the baby chicken three little books because the baby chicken was too little to have big books.

The little chicken carried the books out of town and into a field. It handed the books to a frog. The frog was in the field because the lily pad in the pond was closed for repairs.

As the librarian watched, the frog looked at each book, one at a time.

The frog returned each book to the little chicken, and said, “Read it, read it, read it.”

8 thoughts on “Funny Friday”

  1. Well, what a great day to start the blog challenge with some old fashioned fun.

    Enjoyed the well written story. And it kept me wondering until the punch line.

    Very creative.


  2. Too funny. I was sucked right in, given that I love chickens. A nice use of some miscellaneous photos, too.

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