Fun with plants and paint at the Orange Poppy Art Studio


Yesterday evening, I got to have so much fun when I went to Orange Poppy Art Studio on Grand Island  for a creative activity involving two things that I love: art and plants. It is always a delight to go into this studio, a small business run with great joy by its two owners, Bonnie Remus Nevans and Crystal Still. They have created a colorful art space and they exude a positive you-can-do-it attitude that will encourage even the most reluctant artist to create and have a good time while doing so. Bonnie and Crystal run workshops for all ages, from toddler through adult.

Back to the workshop, which I mentioned was about art and plants. The activity involved painting a planter! And no one went home with an empty planter.

We had our choice between a variety of succulents and cacti. We could choose two small planters or one medium or one large planter at the “pot bar.” I decided to go for a large planter. 

I also decided to create a fun, wild abstract design for my planter.

To facilitate fun and wild and abstraction, I went to the “paint bar” and picked out several colors, which included purple, turquoise, green, and yellow.

Notice the theme of pot bar (which is literally a flower pot) and paint bar. No, that didn’t extend to alcoholic beverages.

The pandemic hasn’t ended and no one had the option of removing masks to spend the evening painting while guzzling wine! (drunken painting does have a certain appeal, however.)

I have to admit, that, for me, not drinking wine is probably a better option because, alas, wine puts me to sleep almost immediately. One glass of wine and I spend about five minutes laughing like a total goofball and then, I’m asleep. The end. That’s all she wrote. So I was unwined, but I was able to unwind. I painted with glee and without expectations. My goal was a planter that reflected a spirit of joy and thankfulness that life is good and I am here to tell the tale.

At the end, Crystal planted a lovely cactus in my planter. I went home happy, feeling that it was an evening well spent.

And now… the call to action/question: How do you like to celebrate simply being alive? Please share your ideas in the comment section.

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  1. Dr Renee Cohn Jones

    How fun is this?! I love your sense of adventure and humor. Your joyful, fun pot displayed that in full color. It was a bit of sunshine to read your post after the rainy, cold day we had. Not to worry, to answer your question about how I celebrate being alive? I was out pouncing in the puddles enjoying life and then I came in to sip hot cocoa under my blankets to warm up.

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