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It’s Let’s Paint a Rock Day! (non official)

Today, I painted a rock with acrylic paints.
I had intended to paint this rock for some time.
After watching that wild football game (Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins), I thought that I should just paint.
The game was exciting, but scary. There were some odd mistakes made. The Buffalo Bills were lucky to win.
Once I finished this project, I felt much happier and more relaxed.
And now, I’ve painted the last of the rocks that I collected. In the spring, I’ll start looking for more rocks to paint. In the meantime, there will be other objects to paint. Look to this website for more painted objects!

4 thoughts on “fun with color”

  1. Hi Alice,
    This rock looks like it is ready to fly through space.
    Where do you put your painted rocks? Do you have a garden for them?
    They became very popular during the pandemic, I was seeing them everywhere.

    1. Right now, I have the rocks inside, decorating different surfaces. I had left rocks in places for people to find during the pandemic. I painted one with a bee on a flower. I don’t know what happened to those rocks. I hope that they found happy homes!

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