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Yesterday was the Town of Grand Island’s annual garden, so my friend Lee Tetkowski and I explored some of Grand Island’s gardens. There was so much to see. So much creativity in gardens. Each garden was different and unique, and each garden had a story to tell. Today, I am going to share via photographs some of the fun that I found in gardening. 

Below are some of the ways that gardeners found to bring a bit of humor and happiness to their gardens:

The bike’s wheels have spun for the last time, but the bike is still fun, festooned with flowers.

Garden boots, magically transformed into planters.

If you spend enough time gardening, you’ll create plenty of planters. 
And if you also like the beach? Here’s another fun footwear plan for your garden!

I don’t know if I look good bending over! Do you???
Oh! Apparently, you can audition for the job, but someone kind of got a bit carried away and bent too far!

Well, we’re back to the fancy footwear. There are so many ways to decorate your garden, especially if you are fond of feet (that would probably make you a cat!!!)????

What could be more fun than a tea party in a garden? These are some pretty fancy chairs and table!

This would make a lovely setting for a tea party. The March Hare, the Mad Hatter, and the Dormouse would most gratefully accept an invitation.

Yay! I found it!!! My new house!!!


And my new housemate!!!

Tomorrow: Check back for a display of the great variety of flowers that I saw on the Garden Walk.

6 thoughts on “Fun Garden Walk Images”

  1. LOVE the pictures and ideas! I took an old rusty patio table, painted it and turned it into a bird feeding station for next to our garden. I need to add some planter boots next to it for the hummingbirds!

  2. Those are so cute!! Great pictures, too. And a neat idea for a post. I have never had a garden, but if I did, I would want something cute or whimsical to decorate it, too.

  3. Where do you want to go today?

    There are a lot of great ideas and chuckles in those photos. I imagine the boot planters already have drainage holes. A table and chairs are an important part of gardening. I think a cold glass of sangria would be refreshing.

  4. Douglas Sletten

    The pictures show so much imagination and your captions work well. I wish I had more room for a garden and it was so beastly hot in AZ, to make gardening a spring time endeavor.

  5. Team Mommies PR Bloggers

    I love seeing new and unique Garden decorations and here where I live there is a Dragon in the front yard among the flowers my son just loves. For the pictures you shared I like the Bike although all of the pictures are cute. If my daughter was here she would have picked out the Flip Flops.


    How creative. Recently I took my almost 102 year old resident out for a stroll in her wheelchair to look at the gardens around her assisted living facility. Turned out that walk was her last. Wished I had these pictures to draw from for reference while I talked with her. Beautiful.

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