Four seasons in Grand Island

Truly, the weather outside has been frightful, and not delightful. It’s so cold that you can get frost bite on any exposed skin, if you are outside for 30 minutes or more. Most school systems in Western New York have cancelled classes for tomorrow. This week has been busy for me as a freelance journalist. I had with meetings to attend, photographs to take, and articles to write. Everything was finished for tomorrow’s Island Dispatch this morning… so… let’s talk about seasons. Although I really dislike freezing and I dislike being stuck inside, I do enjoy the beautiful change of scenery. Below are images of all four seasons in Grand Island, New York.

Winter means ice and snow. It means a lonely dog walk in Buckhorn Island State Park. Winter is the season that looks best in black and white. It is the monochromatic season. Sometimes, there is more white than black. The frozen whiteness clings to everything but it looks the loveliest when it is clinging to trees.

It looks as if someone had come with a paintbrush and added the colors to a bare, dormant world. Everything seems to awaken from its long slumber. The birds sing to the sun and the moon. The flowers on the trees offer the promise of fruits in the fall.

The sun is high above and the landscape is a deep green. It’s time to celebrate gardening and farming and food and forests and the river and life. The warm air is welcoming and joyful.

Autumn is all about the harvest. It’s about food and swirling leaves and new beginnings. It’s about pumpkins and the days growing noticeably shorter. It is the last dramatic burst of color before the dormancy of winter


3 thoughts on “Four seasons in Grand Island”

  1. SlimExpectations

    Wow thx difference between the winters and spring is mindblwing. It looks super cold and dead in winters:(
    And super fun in the spring and summers.


    One of the reasons I have spent most of my life in the Northeast. (I do love Long Beach [CA]), but even though not a Christian, it was bizarre to see Christmas trees in an 80 degree clime!)

  3. "The birds sing to the sun and moon" -love your writing in this post! And those pictures are gorgeous!! My favorite is the one with the teddy bear, because – teddy bears. 🙂 But I am one who wants to see every season in vivid color. Black and white depresses me. Glad that's not true for everyone, but it is for me.

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