Four seasons in Grand Island, New York

Today’s topic recommendation from the Ultimate Blogging Challenge is to write about great things that come in fours. One of the suggested great things that come in fours are “four seasons.” Since I really like all four seasons (even winter, sometimes), I decided that I would share images of my community during all four seasons.

One of the great things about my community is that it is an island in the Niagara River. No matter where I walk, I am never too far from water. I love to look at the river at all times of year. Another great thing about my community is that it is the home to two state parks: Beaver Island State Park and Buckhorn Island State Park. I spend a lot of time at Buckhorn Island State Park, which is within easy walking distance of my house. It is a wildlife sanctuary and an important bird area. Many migratory birds visit Buckhorn Island State Park.  I wrote about the birds of Buckhorn on November 25th, in my “Bird Friday” blog post, when I went on a birdwatching tour, run by Tom Kerr of the Audubon Society. Here is a link to that blog post (link to the “Bird Friday” post)

So, here you go: images of Grand Island in all four seasons.
Winter on the river is very quiet. The boats have been put away, and the docks are covered in snow. I chose to use black and white photography for this image, as well as the below image, because I like the interplay between light and shadows.

One of the really great things about winter is that the trees are bare and the shapes of the branches seems more apparent. Some of them point straight out: at the sky or at the water. Some of them seem to curl around in circles. 

Buckhorn Island State Park.

A close view of the river at Buckhorn Island State Park, with the snow-covered rocks. It is quiet and peaceful, a calm winter scene.
Spring is all about pastels and more light. The trees get dressed in delicate flowers. Although I like all seasons, I would have to admit that spring is about beauty and rebirth and that it is my favorite season.

Apple blossoms, so soft and delicate.

The river at springtime. The trees have baby leaves and the river is a bright blue, reflecting the blueness of the sky.

Another image of spring.
The riparian zone at the marsh is alive with tall grasses and cattails. 

Wild geranium (geranium maculatum) is a perennial plant that flowers in spring to early summer.

Footbridge over the marsh.

Summertime view of the river and docks, where boats are now parked.
Like spring, autumn is a very colorful season. It is when we can pick the apples and enjoy the cooler air.

Woods Creek on an autumn day.

The pumpkins of autumn

This is the marsh in autumn. I took that picture on November 25th, when I was in Buckhorn Island State Park for the “Bird Friday” tour, with Tom Kerr of the Audubon Society.

Your question: what do you enjoy about the four seasons?

4 thoughts on “Four seasons in Grand Island, New York”

  1. I enjoy all four seasons because of the changes. Spring is rebirth. Summer is the growing season. Fall is the harvest. Winter is the season of rest. But, I wish winter could be ust long enough to make you wish for spring. So, how about a month of winter? And then, right back to spring. When I lived in Florida for two years, I did miss the four seasons, but didn't miss the snow and ice of winter. Winter is great if you don't have to go out in it!

  2. Jensalittleloopy

    I didn't realize how close you live to Niagara Falls! We were up there over the 4th of July holiday and our kiddo loved it. Your photos are beautiful and how lucky you are to get to live in such a beautiful place, surrounded by water. #lifegoals

  3. Such a beautiful place…you life in the land of fairies…I cannot tell you what I love about the seasons. I live in Mumbai where the winters are warm, it is a concrete jungle all around and we yearn for a quiet moment amongst nature. Whenever we are amidst nature, we sometimes feel lost. I love nature and I dream of living in a space like yours. Looking forward to reading more such posts as part of UBC.

    Here is what I wrote recently. Do take a look and let me know…

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