Four fun stories from readers I recommend you read

Today’s blogging prompt was to take a headline and revise it, leaving the basic structure intact. One of the examples that was given was _____
tips to _________.

The suggestion was to look for magazine headlines. I chose a headline from The New York Times Book Review section to adapt. The headline was “11 new books we recommend this week.” So I adapted that title.

Those five fun stories are the contest entries from the Wednesday blog post titled “Old Words and New Fun.” It’s time for you to vote for your favorite, which you can do in the comment section below. I will use the winning story as the start of a eight minute timed writing, which I will post after the voting period closes next Wednesday, January 15th, at midnight. So make sure to vote! 

I found all of the stories to be delightful! Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. I am most thankful for your willingness to participate in this challenge and to show such wonderful creativity. 

Just as a reminder: the challenge was to use archaic words to write a story. The contestants could use any or all of the following words in their stories:

Please choose from this list of words:
aliment      food; nourishment
asunder     apart
appetency  a longing or desire
animalcule  a microscopic animal
apothecary a person who prepared and sold medicine
ambuscade an ambush
aught anything at all
avaunt       go away

Here are the entries!!!

Alana wrote: I’ll enjoy the winner of your contest but it won’t be me. My mind has been torn asunder due to lack of ailment. Me thinks I have an appetency for spring. Alas, alack, I need to seek out an apothecary to prepare me a cure for that longing.

Lady in Read wrote
“Avaunt, avaunt!”, said she
to the apothecary,
as torn asunder was she
with an aliment appetency!

Maureen Durney wrote: You will need more than an Apothecary if you indulge your appetency to put asunder what God has joined together. An ambuscade of mammoth proportions will not serve aught in assisting you to flee. And I’m not talking about an animalcule – I mean the other ‘flee’, of the ‘avaunt’ variety – as you try to get away. Nor will aliment serve you in such a situation. Your strength will diminish to that of an animalcule (flea – the other ‘flee’ variety) and resistance will be futile. wrote: I always like a contest. It’s an aliment to my soul.
It seems that Alice is getting bored already up in Shuffle-off territory, and has an appetency to engage fellow bloggers in a contest.
No restrictions at all! Aught! Nothing will tear us asunder from the contest.
Having spent the week (and devoting Friday to complete the task) describing microbes- that’s bacteria not animalcule- and how they resist the apothecary’s ability to eradicate them, I will have to first post this as a comment to her challenge. In essence, an ambuscade on her own territory.
You see, it’s important for those of us who write serious blogs- talking about medicine, health, water, the environment, technology- to demonstrate that we have senses of humor.
After all- the way the world is going, without a cultivated sense of humor, we would truly be doomed.

For sure, without a cultivated sense of humor, we would be doomed. 

Thank you to the contestants! I really enjoyed all of the entries! Thank you for your creativity! I hope that you had fun.

Please don’t forget to vote. 

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  1. Since I can’t vote for myself, I will vote for Cerebrations because I can only vote for one story. Really, they were all good!

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