Five suggestions for gardening fun

These suggestions are made in no particular order! The first one is fish! If you have enough space in your garden, you might want to install a fish pond. If you have guests over, they will be highly entertained by the fish activity, especially if they get to feed the fish. Entertained guests are guests who won’t bug you in the kitchen while you’re cooking!

Suggestion number two: This is also for the bigger gardens. Add a little bridge near the fish pond or any other little body of water. Kids will love this. A stroll through your garden will become a great adventure.

Suggestion number three: structures are good, such as stone walls and gazebos. It creates more levels to look at, with potted plants on walls. It also offers the opportunity for relaxing and socializing with seating in gazebos. All in all, it makes the garden feel like a welcoming place for people, not just bugs and birds, looking for a free meal.

Suggestion number four: Add gnomes to the garden. Who doesn’t love a garden gnome? They are so much fun. According to folklore, the dwarves in Snow White were actually gnomes. They are small, but mighty, and they have the ability to walk through solid earth, as if it were air.

it’s a flower bed!!!

Suggestion number five: Repurpose old things in fun and punny ways. Like this flower bed above. What a cool thing to do with a bed frame that has passed its prime! It adds great entertainment value to the garden and is always worthy of photography!

7 thoughts on “Five suggestions for gardening fun”

  1. The flower bad is so cute and a fun word play!
    I am so not a garden / outdoor person, but I would definitely love to visit you, your gardenand your fish!

  2. I love that flower bed! So cute. I have a huge fishpond on my property. HA HA, I live on a lake! I love it in the spring when I can see several varieties of fish right at the water’s edge spanning. What an amazing site!

  3. Very good ideas, Alice. Is this your garden? At one time I used an old bath tub for a fish pond and an old toilet as a planter. They were good conversation pieces. I’ve outgrown them and they went to the landfill. I had gnomes and pink flamingos, too.

  4. I would love to have a nice big garden. But, one thing I don’t have a green thumb. I kill everything I try to grow. Even my willow tree died on me. But, I still have hope she will come back to life.

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