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There are many great things about blogging, ranging from storytelling to advertising. I’ve been blogging for a while now, and I hope that, as time goes by, my blog is changing and growing and becoming better. The practice that I’ve gotten as a writer has been invaluable. It’s helped me build confidence and it’s also helped me build connections. Another way that I’ve been able to build connections is through blogging challenges. It’s been great to read other people’s blogs and to see how these blogs continue to grow and evolve as time goes by. Here are five blogs that I would encourage you to read:

The above is a link to Florence Callender’s blog. She is a parent, an advocate, and an educator. She has converted her experiences of having advocated for her dyslexic daughter, who went on to graduate with honors, to educating parents and teachers about reading and other learning challenges that children face. She provides valuable information in her blog about how you can advocate for your child in a school setting to get your child the best education possible.

Doug Jarvie is living the dream! He has probably seen the entire world! And, fortunately, he is sharing it for the rest of us who haven’t had quite as many adventures. He tells stories and shares photographs and makes you feel as if you’re on the adventure with him. Blog on, Doug!

Martha DeMeo’s blog, called “The Martha Review,” focuses on the good things of life, which includes food and family. She shares lovely and delicious looking recipes and I only wish that the internet were advanced enough to permit for taste tests! But, alas, no. I can only imagine the tastiness of Martha’s cooking. And she’s not the only one cooking and preparing delicious foods from the home garden. Her great granddaughter Lia loves to bake and to prepare food. Lia is four years old and she started baking as a baby. Yes, really, she was mixing ingredients and cracking eggs at an age when most little kids are more focused on throwing blocks off their high chair. Lia is a blogger, too, and she shares her stories every Friday on Martha’s website. It won’t be long before Lia is preparing full gourmet meals. Now, about that internet taste test…

Janice Gill is a grandma, a photographer, and a storyteller. Her posts are colorful and delightful. She shares lovely pictures of Wales, and she also writes about gardening. She also offers tips on how to be a better photographer and they are helpful and wonderful. I’m always working on improving my photography skills so I am excited to read this blog and learn more about photography.

Jeanine Byers has a great deal of training in various types of healing. She is very generous about sharing the knowledge that she has gained. She writes about healing physically and spritually and emotionally with a great deal of warmth and empathy. She offers so many suggestions for working on your inner world and creating a peaceful space to facilitate healing. When you finish reading a post by Jeanine, you definitely feel as if you’re in a much better space than when you first began. Oh, and she has mad love for Hallmark movies, which she shares with so much happiness. If you’re grumpy, you won’t be able to maintain that after reading about Christmas In July or other delights of the Hallmark channel. In fact, you’re probably out already, looking to buy some new Christmas ornament to put in your garden, outside, since it’s summer!

Tomorrow: Come back and find out! I don’t have a clue!

8 thoughts on “Five really interesting blogs”

  1. Thank you so much for including my blog and mentioning me so kindly!! You are part of the joy of connecting through the UBC challenges. And your art really blesses me.

  2. I’m late at reading, spent the night in the ER with my neighbor, but what a surprise to wake up and see Lia and I mentioned on her blog! I love all the others you wrote about also. I love everyone’s blog of course including you and your bear stories.

    1. Thank you so much. I really love reading the blog that you share with Lia! The connection that I’ve made with you is one of the things that makes blogging so rewarding!

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